equipment suggestions?

  • I really want to add more equipment for a home gym but wanted to know what everyone else has tried and like. I'm looking into purchasing an ellipitical machine and some free weights. Any thng that works the abs or butt too!
  • You didn't say what you already have but if you don't have a treadmill .....that would be good. Also one of those big round ball's and some cd/videos work great for abs and butt. I have a pilates allegro machine and love it. It is all about your core muscles. You can see them at Pilates can be done with styrofoam tubes, rings, the ball and also there are mat pilates. Winsor pilates are great.....Kathy Smith and Denise Austin have some good pilates videos too.
    Another good series is Tae Bo by Billy Blanks. That will take care of your abs and butt too. Good luck!!

    Oh didn't want to omit your elliptical machine and some free weights. Great idea !!
  • Since I have just had back to back surgeries, cervical fusions w/rods & rotator (?) cuff surgery, I have had to refrain from excercise, but dh order both beginning yoga & the Gunner ball for me. I get to start this week using them-gently. I work too many hours to go to rehab so we have to kind of do it ourselves.
    But after not doing anything but recouping from surgeries & sitting behind desks for the last few years the only excersize I ever got was when we go scalloping-which is about 6-8 hrs of swimming/snorkling a day for 1 solid week & then a weekend here & there during the season July1 to Sept 1. So lately it's flab city but hopefully with the Gunner Ball workout & my yoga, I will firm up again & relieve so of this stress.
  • Exercise equipment
    I was just wondering if any of you know how the new Bowflex tread-climber works? I'm in need of joint surgery and I've heard there is less stress with this type of machine.
    Any thoughts?
  • Skipping rope is cheap and easy and good for a bit of cardio
  • You're right Kathy, skipping rope is a good exercise.. also riding a bike is good for the leg muscles, besides walking around the neighborhood.

    Quote: Skipping rope is cheap and easy and good for a bit of cardio