Fitness for kids

  • Hi everyone, I am looking for any videos or dvd's you all may use, have used, heard of, whatever geared towards kids. My kids are outside as much as possible in the warm months, but in the cold months and on rainy days they need something to do inside.

    We currently have Yoga Fitness for Kids and they like doing this, but are getting bored with the same thing over and over.

    Any recommendations? TIA!!
  • WOW yoga for kids, sounds pretty neat! Where can I get that at?
  • You can check and see if your local library may have it, but I bought mine from Amazon. I bet you could find it on or even ebay cheaper though.

    We just rented a bunch from the library, but most of for ages 3-6. Here are the titles:

    Yoga Kids2 ABC's (ages 3-6)
    Yoga Kids3 Silly to Calm (ages 3-6)
    Yoga Kids (ages 3-6)
    All Day Yoga for Beginners

    All are put out by Gaiam
  • I recently bought 'Denise Austin's Fit Kids' on dvd at walmart. My girls love it... they are 7 and 5. My kids are the same way... they play outside when it's warm, but in the 4-5 months that they can't go outside I like for them to have something to do. Also I hope since they've been introduced to exercise at an early age, maybe they won't hate it as adults!

    Also, we've recently started going to our local skating rink so my kids are learning how to skate and they love it! I was just wondering if anyone could suggest a good pair of rollerblades for beginners?
  • I enrolled my son in a program at his daycare for yoga. He didn't talk much about it, so I showed up one day to watch it. It was 20 minutes of a teacher talking and doing a few poses once a week for $50 a month. I was not very happy. I do enjoy the yoga DVDs for kids but my son (4 and half years old) can do MY yoga DVDs with me. I was really surprised but he grasped the poses pretty quickly. There is a program for Parents and Kids together at my yoga exercise center which I am thinking of enrolling in too.
  • Yoga for childern
    Quote: WOW yoga for kids, sounds pretty neat! Where can I get that at?
    When I was attending IVC in California (2004 -2007), one of my Early Childhood education teachers commented on how she and her daughter would do somw of our class routines at home, and how she went to a local children's book store and found one specifically for children.
    Another place to try is NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children), they have three ideas for yoga and children (Search | National Association for the Education of Young Children | NAEYC) and I believe you can purchase the items through them. Google suggests (Yoga for children - Yahoo! Search Results);;; ...
  • You could play Twister - some of the child-centers near me have them in their class/study rooms for occasions when the children can't get outside, and they don't always play by the standard rules of (L) foot blue, (r) green, etc either. A lot of the time they use homemade Twister sheets with multiple colors, and use the childrens own clothing or pictures around the classroom to dictate what body part goes where. This way no one person "hogs" the spinner, there is more colors for more players, etc
    Most any piece of plastic could be used, and it could be used for traveling, outdoors, or indoors.