Anyone else train in martial arts??

  • Hi there

    Was just wondering if anyone else on the boards takes part in Martial arts training?? If you do what form?

    I started training 10 months ago. My 3 kids are very active with our local club and I was always sitting watching so I decided I may as well join in and get in shape(before I hit 40 )

    Are club is karate and we are under the YKKF federation. We also train with weapons(kobudo).

    I am grading next week for my yellow belt......about a 2 hour grading. It will be my 3 rd belt(white, red, yellow) My oldest ds is a junior brown belt, my second ds is a blue belt and my dd is an orange belt.
    My boys just got back from a 4 day workshop/camp in Wisconsson. It was the first time they had been to the states . My oldest is hoping to someday go to Okanawa Japn to train.

    Well just thought I would see if anyone else shares are interest

  • I enrolled my son in American Freestyle Karate a few months ago. I actually dont have a lot of time since I have twins so finding a babysitter would be a big issue however, I would get involved with it if it wasn't for that. I like the structure and the discipline. Good Luck. There are several people young and old moms and dads that do this with their kids. I think that is commendable and gives you a common ground
  • Both my boys do GKR (Go-Kan-Ryu) karate/martial arts one longer than the other but they both really enjoy it.

    I did do a different style of karate (zen du ky(?)) in my early 20's but I became pregnant and didn't go back... no idea why

    Good on you for taking it up and enjoying it.
  • I was away on holidays when you posted.

    Bilby do you think you would ever go back to training???

    We do goju ryu style. While on holidays i actually trained with anouther club there. It was interesting to see the different styles...they were ****o ryu. I can not get over how many different styles there are!!!!

    ksmandy maybe down the road you might find you have the time...I watched my kids for 3 1/2 years before I joined until all of them joined. you never know?

    Thanks for sharing

  • Um, er, I had a little trouble when it came to sparring with a partner, you see it made me break out in fits of giggles , I don't think that that was really appreciated in class.
    I tried but I just couldn't get past the giggles, I was going ggod until then.
    Would I go back, I'll have to go with never say never, but not just now.

    The GKR is good as you can go to any dojo in Australia and you are still a member, the kids if they wish can have it for life and just pay as many weekly/class fees as you like.
  • Bilby

    you sound like me!!! Sparing is not my strong point!!!!! I usually end up laughing and have on occasion hit a male partner a little below the belt Thank goodness we have a family oriented club and they don't mind the odd giggle here or there!!!

    Take care
  • I usually end up laughing and have on occasion hit a male partner a little below the belt

    I would laugh at that! Has anyone ever looked at budokon? it is a dvd, marshal arts and yoga. I am thinking of trying that.
  • Connie I have never heard of that form.....sounds really interesting though. I bet the combination of yoga with the elements of martial arts training would be amazing. I hope you get a chance to try it, what a great thing that would be for Jasmine!

    Hugs debbie
  • I have to do something. I have gained another five pounds. This weight must come off. I want to diet but right now I am doing some serious detoxing. Boy am I tired .........
  • martial arts
    karate - first Goju Ryu and now Matsubayshi shorin Ryu 15 years
    (4th dan)
    iaido - 10 years (3rd dan)
    naginata - 8 years (1st dan) but haven't been active in about a year.
    jodo - 1 1/2 years (1st dan) This is my newest endeavor. It's fun to start over again as a beginner in something and be able to get away with so much

    We don't do a lot of sparring. It's not really a big part of traditional karate, since it is kept for serious defence purposes. I don't really enjoy it either, since I don't have that killer competitive instinct.

    hmmm... groin shots: always good for a laugh, especially on TV. But if I would hurt one of my guy pals like that, I'm sure that they would not be laughing, and that would surely cure any compulsion to laugh, on my part.