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MomsMenu 09-03-2002 10:02 AM

Sweet & Sour Sauce
Originally posted by nagymom

Sweet & Sour Sauce

1/3 C. White Vinegar
1 C. Water
2/3 C. Sugar
dash of Salt
dash of MSG
dash of White Pepper
dash of Tabasco

Cook over medium heat and add:
1 Tbsp. Cornstarch combined with
2 Tbsp. Water
1/2 Tsp. Worcestershire Sauce

Cook until it is bubbly and thick. Remove from stove and add 2 Tbsp. ketchup. This will stay good in the refrigerator for about a week.

lworth 10-11-2002 10:21 AM

Any vegetarian ideas
Please help me............I'm making sweet and sour tofu patties for lunch tomorrow and having rice and crunchy noodles with it. This would be fine for just our family but............we're having company.
Any vegetarian ideas as to what to serve with this???
Thanks for your help.

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