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seleach 11-11-2011 07:41 PM

Chicken Enchilada Verde
This recipe was originally posted by Debbie F. in Nov 2011 What's for Dinner thread.

Chicken Enchilada Verde

3 B/S chicken breasts
1 fresh jalapeno pepper
1 cup sour cream
1 cup roasted salsa verde
1 small onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 tsp oil
1 can (4 oz.) chopped green chiles, drained
1 1/2 cups mexican style shredded cheese with a touch of Philadelphia
6-8 (6 inch) tortillas

Boil chicken breasts in water with whole jalapeno pepper (adds a little spice without too much heat) for 20-30 mins or til done in dutch oven. Remove chicken to plate and cover with foil to keep warm. Dump water from pan.

Heat oven to 350
Mix sour cream and salsa until well blended in small bowl.

Cook and stir onions & garlic in hot oil (in same dutch oven) on med heat for 4-5 mins til vegetables are crisp tender.

Shred chicken with 2 forks and add to pan. Also add 1 cup of the sour cream mixture, chiles and 1/2 cup cheese. Mix well. Remove from heat.

Spoon about 1/3 cup chicken mixture down center of each tortilla, and roll up.

Place seam side down in 13 x 9" baking pan, sprayed with non-stick spray.

*Top with remaining sour cream mixture and cheese. Cover.

Bake 15-20 mins or til heated through. Enjoy!!

*At this point, I add the remaining sour cream mixture to any remaining chicken mixture and pour all over the top.

I like this recipe because while it is very creamy, it doesn't use any creamy soups!

seleach 03-05-2012 04:13 PM

Bilby has given this recipe a blue ribbon.

Bilby 03-05-2012 04:53 PM

I've never eaten let alone made an Enchilada before so this was all new to me.
I made as per above but halved the chilli, we have a limited tolerance for chilli in this house lol
I was not sure what to serve with this as I'd never had one so I just made up a quick tossed salad for on the side.
Was nice for a change and will probably make again

seleach 03-05-2012 04:59 PM

When we lived in Texas, we used to go out for enchiladas and they were always served with lettuce and tomato. So a tossed salad is perfect.

Bilby 03-06-2012 01:45 PM

It was also very filling!

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