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05-27-2002 03:47 PM

Empty nesters
Hi.....are there any other empty nesters out there that are also full time stay at home moms?...I feel out of the loop, so to speak, as my girls are both on their own and I am a grandma. I'm 43, and most of the women I know my age still have little ones. I'd love to chat with others in this same situation. I don't know where I fit in!:-P::


PrairieRose 05-27-2002 03:56 PM

I am... I am!!!!
::-):: I am a new empty nester (although dd moved back home for the summer). I am also a stay at home mom and love that. I would love to chat with you about all the ups and downs..... . When did your last one move away? Mine did in Aug. of last year and after having a houseful of kids that was quite the change for me. My dh was also working VERY long hours so I was alone most of the time. I found this lovely place, a couple of other boards that are great too AND I got a new puppy that has kept me quite busy. Tell me about your experience....... .

05-28-2002 04:23 AM

Hi PrarieRose!.....It is good to know I am not alone!....My Girls both left about the same time in 1999....My youngest has a soon to be 4 year old son, and I babysit him about2 hours each day...I love being athome:heart: ....I tried working part time last year and hated it, I just want to be at home....we live okay on dh's income, It's tight but we are fine......As I said my worst problem is finding others who are in this position...I tried going to water aerobics at the YMCA, but the ladies in the classes were all senior citizens....felt way out of place!....most of the women in my neighborhood are either working or have little I fill my time with my 3 dogs, and alot of hobbies.....What kind of puppy do you have?....Aren't dogs the best? Mine have seen me through so much....I have panic disorder and I had a little peke mix that could sense when I was having a bad attack...she passed away last year, and I really miss tell me more about you?....

PrairieRose 05-28-2002 05:54 AM

I live in a small town where all of my friends work......most of them still have kids at home so they are very busy with their families which makes it tough when you don't really have that much of a routine anymore :p . Dh works locally and has a good bit of down time this time of year which is nice, but from about November through March I never see gets really lonely then. I try to stay busy and spend way too much time on here. My puppy is a poodle and is my little dream dog. She is almost perfect (I sound like one of THOSE mothers don't I?). I don't know what I would have done after we had put our 12 yr. old dog down in Oct. had I not gotten her a couple of months later.
I know it is really hard to fill the hours, with not many people around to interact with, that's what makes this a wonderful outlet, yes? So tell me about your dogs..? What about your hobbies?

Jenna 05-28-2002 07:15 AM

Hi Jayne,

I am going to be 43 next month! I don't have an empty nest yet, but I can see it coming!

My son is 20 and in university and my daughter will be starting her last year of high school in the fall. Sometime, I think it sounds like a horrible thing to have them go and sometimes I think that it can't happen soon enough!

I don't believe that I will be bored when they are gone. I figure, I will just do all the same things I do now...without cleaning up after them! LOL!

In some ways it would be nice to have some time alone with DH again. We can hardly remember when it was just the two of us! I got pregnant right after we got married(literally 3 weeks!), so it would be nice to rediscover life as just a couple!:)

I do think that I will miss them though. After all, they will always be my babies! I tell them that quite often. Sometimes, one of them will get a look that I remember them making when they were a baby and I can see that sweet little face again. I will never forget how wonderful it was to give birth to them, nurture them and just be their Mommy. It was the fulfillment of what I had hoped for as long as I can remember.

I look forward to ge a Grandma someday(not right now!), so I can do it all over again!:) My Mom tells me it is even better!


05-28-2002 07:53 AM

hi again prarierose!
I have 3 dogs, Hyacinth my golden retriever is 3, Pearl my dalmation dobie mix is 2, and my sweet baby Chloe' is almost 1!
I love them all so much! We also lost our first4 dogs, one at only4 years was hit by a car, the other 3 lived long happy lives. We put our chow down at the age of 12, she had a brain tumor. Our Lab was also 12 and just walked in one day and had a heart attack. And my little peke had to be put down cause of stomach cancer.:( I loved each and every one and miss them. I am a crazy woman with the sewing machine:-P:: I make teddy bears and scrub tops for mydd who's a nurse and all kinds of stuff! I love to cook and surf the net! And I love music! Especially Enya and Sarah Mclahglin. This is a great site, I am enjoying it so much!^^


05-28-2002 07:55 AM

I forgot to say, Chloe' is a Shih Itzh!


05-28-2002 08:03 AM

Hi Jenna!
Believe me you are gonna love:heart: being a grandma! I fell in love when I saw his little face on the ultrasound screen! And when he finally got here( seemed like forever) and I held him i just melted! Your mom is right, it is like nothing you ever experienced before! Grandchildren are the icing on the cake of life!


Darkstarzz10 05-28-2002 09:37 AM

Hi, I'm not quite am empty nester but getting close. Both of my kids are finishing up college and they are still at home but barely here. Its strange how the house can be so empty one minute and overflowing with all their friends the next. But I still know the time is coming they will both be gone, probably in the next year. I work at home, but only part time. So I spend alot of time on my computer. Right now I am on R and R for a injury so I am truly bored to tears, glad I found this site. Am looking forward to talking to meeting some new people. :-:

PrairieRose 05-28-2002 01:48 PM

I want to warn everyone who is looking at becoming an empty nester soon of one thing.........I don't have THAT much more time to do what I want to, than I used to! I'm so ticked off about this too. I used to think well at least I can spend my time doing what I want to.....HA! I don't spend nearly as much time cleaning or washing, for sure....but it's absorbed into other things! I dunno how this happened!:-P::

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