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05-28-2002 02:35 PM

Boy is that ever the truth!


coacheswife 05-29-2002 05:58 AM


coacheswife 05-29-2002 06:03 AM

the empty nest
I love the summers when the empty nest if full again with my college kids
During the winter months to keep from getting bored, volunteer
try different places and when you find the one you like best
make that your nest
The best volunteer place I have found is at the schools...they need people so desperately to volunteer reading time or in the offices
day cares are also a great place
remember to set your own hours and fill up only the time you need to use to feel busy
don't overdue it
you will meet new friends at these places and that will extend out
for you and you will find other exciting things to do, mine was a euchre club where we all have it once a month at our home. we provide the meal that month, it is great fun swapping recipes etc. and trying to outdo each other when it is your month to prepare the goodies during card club
enjoy your empty nest and new found time...we deserve it!

iplay4hisglory 05-29-2002 07:16 AM

empty nesters--me too!
Hi, I'm an empty nester SAHM. Like you, Jayne, I'm a real homebody. Things are tight financially with me and DH too, and I've tried to get back into Medical Transcription, which I did five years ago before we were married. But now I don't have the type of skills they need, which is Hospital and Acute Care, I only have Home Health care transcription. So...oh well. And I would only do it from home, also, not outside. But it didn't work out, so that's that. DH says that's fine, we'll be ok and he's happy I wanted to try. So, we will just be on one income. He works long hours at his food purchasing agent job, at a local resort. He does get to bring home food that they have phased out in the kitchen, and that helps us out quite a bit , especially in the meat department.

My situation is rather different from most empty nesters, in that my daughter lives apart from me, in my home state of Texas. I live way far up here in PA with my DH, it's his home state. But we have been up here four years together and I am SO homesick for the South! DH's children also live apart from us, here in this same town. Their mother has poisoned their minds against us and it's a continuing source of heartbreak for DH. His daughter graduates this month and he wasn't even given an invite to her graduation ceremony. :(

A good thing is that because I am so homesick, DH says we are going to move to Texas as soon as he finds a job. I am very uplifted by this turn of events, as you may imagine! I miss my daughter very much, more and more as time goes on. When we were first separated, she had just turned 12. Now she is nearly 16. I have seen her once in that time.

I have a piano and play it a lot. I am the leader of our church praise and worship band, and I also play special music for church
services at times. I love to read and am a regular haunt of the library, and I also make story tapes for the children in our church, as well as my nephew and niece in Georgia, and for my daughter too. I enjoy cross stitch and crafts in general, but my kick right now is rubberstamping and making my own greeting cards.
I also love to bake and cook Southern style, and Texas style.

But I am lonely, and was so glad to see Jayne's post...and then to see others too! All the women in my church have little children, as has been mentioned...or else they are senior citizens. I fall somewhere in the middle, thru the cracks, as it were. I just turned 44 in April.

Nice to meet y'all!

[email protected]

Lind 05-29-2002 07:41 AM

empty nester, too
I'm here, too. My children are all grown and on their own. I have three married daughters with a total of 5 grandchildren, and one son in the Navy. I've been an empty nester for over a year now and loving being at home. I have looked here and there on the net for other empty nester sites or newsletters and haven't stumbled on any.

My hobbies are decorative painting, sewing, and crochet and I like helping out with projects at our church. We live not to far from the Chesapeake Bay, so we get quite a bit of company during the summer months.

Yet, it would be so nice to meet other sahm's that are empty nesters, too.


nagymom 05-29-2002 07:44 AM

:daisy: Hi Jayne from another Jayne! I'm 48 and a Nana to 3 wonderful grandchildren. I have a 6 (soon 7) and a 5 year old granddaughters and a grandson who is 13 months. The 5 year old lives with us with her divorced mom. In fact both of the mommy's are divorced so must work. I get to babysit which means I'm a SAH Nana! I love it most of the time :-P:: . There are times......But I wouldn't give up my time with my precious little one's for anything. I too fall in the older than their friends mom's and not as old as their grandparents category. Fortunately I LOOK younger than I am (we won't talk about how old I FEEL ROFLMAO ) but I still feel awkward with the mommy's at the youngest granddaughter's child enrichment program. I try to let the mom's do the kiddy things with them and fill in as needed. In the interim I have little free time with all the running. With summer coming up (today is the last day in fact) I will be looking for ways to keep them entertained and will try to just fit in as I can. I'll be watching for ideas and suggestions and wish you the best!:stripes:

Darkstarzz10 05-29-2002 10:00 AM

:-P:: Hi all, well my nest won't be too empty when the kids leave. I have 11 horses 3 cats and 3 dogs that keep me busy. Plus who knows I may have a baby horse or two to fill my time by them. I quit working years ago and decided to turn my love for horses into a business. Up until last year I traveled alot showing one or two of them. But an injury stuck me at home for the time being. I still travel some but riding is a big NO NO my dr says. Although I did some this winter when I was doing better. So when the kids leave I won't be bored, my days seem pretty full as it is. But somehow I always find time for being online. Living in a small town out in the country can get kind of boring. But my animals all keep me pretty busy. I have to say without them I would be bored when the kids left. Well thats enough for now, bbl all, love these boards I haven't been on any in a year or so and I realized how much I missed them. Have a good day everyone :-P::

LaurieS 05-31-2002 06:46 AM

Hi All Babyboomers, I'm a SAHM but I worked when my kids were going to school. I was home the last three years my daughter was in HS that helped alot. Always running here and there. Both of my kids are back home temporarily. Sometimes it would be nice to have some peace and quiet, but I love them alot and would miss them if they were gone.:) I have a 4 yr old German Shepard and she is a hand full, just like a child always following me around and stepping on the back of my shoes( sound familiar anyone?) I spend alot of time lurking on the computer. I'm 49 right now but turning 50 in July. But I don't feel 50. What is 50? I like to garden, read, crafting, watch movies and lots of things. I started selling Avon and that has gotten me out and meeting new people. I feel like that when I was working how did I have time to do all the things I do now and work too. Boggles the mind.
So many things to do and not enough time.:daisy:

Lind 05-31-2002 07:28 AM

I know what you mean about wondering how you would have time to work. I am an empty nester and worked at Jo Ann's ETC for awhile, but am so glad to be back home. I am busy almost every minute, but I am so enjoying what I am doing! When I decided to quit my job my manager said to come back when I got bored with being home. I haven't had a bored moment yet. I am so happy doing what I am doing... crafting, housework, church activities, weekly shopping, friends, etc. I feel so blessed everyday.
Have a great day!:daisy:

crochet fanatic 05-31-2002 09:06 AM

Hi everybody.I'm 46 and a soon to be empty nester,also a sahm.My son who is 24,left home when he was 20 and I have a 17 year old daughter who is going away to school in September.

I ran a family daycare when the kids were younger so that I could stay at home and it worked out well but I am looking forward to being an empty nester.

I just married my fiance,we've been together for 13 years and we bought a Harley last September and we're really looking forward to doing some travelling with it this summer.It's one of the touring bikes.

I love crocheting and do a lot of doilies and tablecloths but also have enjoyed making baby blankets.I also love to read,mostly mysteries.I have just started to do some gardening and am enjoying it very much.

I'm able to stay home as a generous relative gave me some money and we were able to pay our mortgage off on our townhouse.My husband has a good job and we live fine on his income.He enjoys me being home but told me if I want to work,that's my decision.I love being at home.

I have one friend who is a sahm and an empty nester and we hang out a lot.All my other friends work and it's hard to get together with them but I try to do lunch or visit them for tea on their days off.

I am so happy that I found this forum this morning and am looking forward to chatting with all of you ladies!

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