Empty nesters

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  • To many rules and regulations in our house so I can't see him coming back BUT I wouldn't see him homeless
  • Kathy, I just became an empty nester in June. DD2 graduated on May 27th and moved out on June 1st. She has always been very independent and self-reliant. We have always had a rough relationship, but that has really improved since she moved out. I can't see her ever coming back either unless circumstances got dire.

    Most of the time I really enjoy it being just dh and me again. Other times, like the past couple of days for some reason, the house seems too quiet and empty.
  • You know my mum and I used to have some really bad arguments on occasion when I lived at home and I'd have to say that once I married and moved out that we got on a lot better. My theory .... is that once you've had your spat you go back to your respective homes and the argument is forgotten the next time you meet, when while you are at home you live with that argument and any subsequent ones.
    I hope things only get better with your daughter with time and I guess we all have to grow up at some stage .... I did LOL