My Third grader in college!!!!

  • Hi,
    Sorry I havent been around lately, but with school starting and all we have been pretty busy.
    Anyway, my daughter Kendra is 8 yrs old and in the 3rd grade. The second week of school she brought home a letter stating that she was Nominated to join the College Prep Academy at her school. Is that great or what? She goes Tues. and Thrus. morning for 45 mins. So far she had gone 4 times and seems to enjoy it. I understand later on if she sticks with it, in High school she could get scolarships to college. Needeless to say mom and dad are very proud of her.

    Thanks for letting me share our excitement

  • I've moved your thread to the appropriate area under Parenting Congrats on your exciting news, you must be very proud!
  • You have every right to be proud & excited!Congrats.
  • College prep academy, that is for fast learners?
    Sounds like she is a smat girl congrats
  • Congrats Jackie
    sounds like she is doing well. Do they make sure she still does something not academic as well?
  • Wonderful news!! Congrats!!