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ajrsmom 09-16-2007 03:06 PM

How do you feel about kids in Elementary school selling gift wraps, magazines...etc?
:gaah: It's that time of year again......when kids (read Parents) are supposed to sell over-priced wrapping paper and magazines. I don't think that kids this age are old enough to handle the business end of these sales.

I hate this! I think that kids in elementary school are much too young to go door to door asking for people to buy this stuff. That means that it falls into their parents' laps to beg their friends and co-workers to buy this stuff all so that their kids have a chance to win a cheap prize. (Can you tell this is a sore subject with me?) I refuse to do it and I won't allow my son to take part in it either.

Last year, I gave his school a list of suggestions for other ways to make money. I told them that if they are going to sell stuff like this, at least make it food that everyone likes....cookie dough, candy bars, pizza kits and even popcorn if they couldn't think of anything else. No over priced Easter candy either!

I also suggested having more bakes sales, car washes, a spring carnival, school dances or family movie night where they would sell tickets to the event.

I asked them to buy more stuff with the school name and logo on can't tell me that the local print shop here wouldn't give them a deal!

No one got back to me on any of these ideas.

They are selling the same old stuff.

How do you feel about this?

barbszy 09-16-2007 03:20 PM

Hate it.

I basically refuse to participate. I am a homemaker, and my husband's office discourages employees selling for their kids. On my block, there are tons of kids all selling the same stuff.

If I need wrapping paper I buy some. Otherwise I let it go.

I'd rather go to "ice cream night" at the local ice cream parlor where a portion of the proceeds goes to the school.

mom2-4 09-16-2007 03:48 PM

I agree I hate it also!

Now, the magazines I don't mind as much. At least it is something that the buyer will receive all year long, and is a much better variety to choose from.

I send my DD back to public school this year, and I did not participate in the fundraiser. I too am a homemaker, and DH works as a concreter in a company of about 10 other men. Not very good sales there.

Now I am letting DD in Middle school sell the magazines.

ajrsmom 09-16-2007 04:04 PM

I agree, if my kids were in middle school and wanted to sell this stuff, I would agree it.

I'm glad to see that I am not the only one who refuses to take part in this.

When we moved from Pa to NC and lived in Kernersville, my son's school had "nights out" at restaurants around our area. We took part in that, too. They don't do that here either.

I tried becoming involved in the PTA last year but it was such a click there and I didn't fit in. So far, I haven't joined this year. I'm not sure if I will even bother or not.

Bunny 09-16-2007 04:12 PM

We dont allow my GGS to sell any of that stuff as my GS knows it would be him or us doing it I dont think that kids that young sould sell things, thay should wait until middle school and High school but thats just my thought.

Joy 09-17-2007 07:09 AM

I never liked the door to door selling stuff either. Not only do they / you have to sell it, but then it has to get delivered!!!!
Our local chain grocery store did a fund raiser once where the kids just handed out slips to everyone they knew. The next week when you got groceries at this store you handed the slip to the check out person who rang in your total. The store then donated a % of the total sales back to the school. Very easy--my kind of fund raiser.

barbszy 09-17-2007 09:59 AM

Just curious as to how often these fund raisers come your way?

My kids are in Catholic school. The kids in grade school come home with at least 2 fund raisers a month (that might be a "restaurant night," wrapping paper sale, some other sale, Casino Night, fashion show, whatever....) My high-schooler has fewer fund raisers and there is a lot less pressure put on the kids to sell, sell, sell.

bluebird 09-17-2007 10:50 AM

Hate it. I don't even like the Boy Scout popcorn or the Girl Scout peanut/cookies. It is the parent that does the selling. We too are a one income family. The stuff they sell is too $$$$. When I was a GS leader we tried a soup supper. The idea was for the kids to donate and help with the cooking. Ha. Myself and one other mom did almost all the work, none of the girls showed up, most of the food the girls signed up to bring didn't show up. But we made good money for the troop. I refused to do it again and neither would anyone else. Just a joke. I don't mind the car washes or bake sales. I really feel we should be teaching our kids to try to get by on less not always the need for more and more money and things.

Bilby 09-21-2007 05:27 PM

I have friends that have children that go to private/religious schools, they do not have fund raisers like this, that is why they pay private fees it's included like camps etc.
I hate the door to door sales that shcools use to raise money, I hate the raffle tickets too. I don't take them I volunteer in other ways.

As you say it's hard to sell over priced goods no matter how good the cause is.

On the other hand we/ or school occassionally does a pre order pie or lamington(cakes) and they usually sell well. Pre order and pre pay.

Thank heaven they do not do this in high school and this is my last year or last months in primary !! Yippee!

MsJReg 09-21-2007 06:10 PM

I hate fundraisers for school. I think it burdens parents with something else to do, because the kids always beg to do it and feel left out if they cannot participate. I'd rather make a donation than buy something. We pay enough taxes to schools and they need to spend it on the teachers and kids, not the overpaid administrators.

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