Ideas for staff "welcome back" gifts from the PTA?

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  • Teachers Survival Kit
    If you choose to do this one, get some paper bags and use Avery Clear Labels the 2x4 size instead of stenciling, stenciling for 100 people would be very time consuming.

  • Instead of Baby Food Jars
    Walmart sells small plastic cups ( they are clear) that I would guess originally were for peanuts to be served at parties??? I made candy shaped candle melts (scented chocolate, choc. peanut butter or Choc. Marshmallow and colored brown to look like choc.) for our store and bought clear candy bags (look in the craft section at Joann's or Michaels) put the "candy" in the container, put the container in the candy bag ( get the longer bags) and wrap a ribbon around it with a tag that says what it is and not to eat, LOL! If the candy wrappers don't fit in your budget you can always use saran wrap it's just not as pretty.