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Amanda 10-12-2008 09:35 AM

Non-Toxic Candy is a Natural Choice This Halloween
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Non-Toxic Candy is a Natural Choice This Halloween
As Parents Worry About the Safety of Imported Candy and the Health Effects of Artificial Ingredients,
Natural and Organic Candies Meet the Demand for Chemical-Free Treats

CONCORD, CA – October 1, 2008 – After China's latest chemical contamination scandal (melamine in milk, which affected several confectionery items), many Americans will steer clear of candy labeled "Made in China" this Halloween. However, consumers may not realize that even non-contaminated candy, no matter its country of origin, is filled with a host of potentially harmful petrochemicals in the form of artificial colors and flavors.

"Candy possibly contains the highest concentration of artificial colors and flavors of any food category," says Dawn Van Hee, founder of the online retailer "That's what gives conventional candy such strong, everlasting colors and flavors. Unfortunately, those chemicals also last in our bodies and impact the environment when they are synthesized from petroleum or coal. Since children are more vulnerable to chemical exposure with their lower body mass, it makes sense to buy natural candy for Halloween."

There is also evidence that chemical food additives have negative effects on behavior. A study published in The Lancet last year found that children display increased hyperactivity after consuming artificial food colors, supporting what parents of children with conditions like ADHD and autism have long suspected –artificial food ingredients worsen their children's symptoms.

Based on this research, the Center for Science in the Public Interest petitioned the FDA this past June to ban FD&C (artificial) food colors. While many multinational food companies are voluntarily removing artificial colors from food products in Europe, they are not doing so in the US yet because of lower consumer awareness here.

But as awareness increases, newer US companies are stepping in to meet the growing demand for great-tasting natural and organic candy. "Five years ago we couldn't have started, because there weren't enough high quality natural candies on the market to choose from," says Van Hee. "This year we're really excited about all the individually-wrapped candies that are finally available and perfect for Halloween." recommends the following candies for Halloween from some of their best-selling brands, all made right here in the USA.

Surf Sweets Gummies – Look for brand new single-serving size bags of Gummy Bears and larger bags of creepy-crawly Gummy Worms or vegan Sour Gummy Worms.

Pure Fun Organic Hard Candy – Individually-wrapped favorites like Fruit Lollipops, Root Beer Float Candy, and Raspberry Chocolate-Filled Candy sparkle with clear, bright flavors.

Glee Gum - Made from natural chicle gum base harvested sustainably in Central American rainforests (instead of synthetic plastic). New kid-friendly Bubblegum and Triple Berry flavors are now available in mini packs.

To make ordering the best natural and organic candies available even easier for the consumer, offers a variety of candy mixes, goody bags, and care packages, which are perfect for Halloween, birthday parties, events, or gifts. Learn more about all their Halloween offerings here.

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