Allergy Free Treats for the Lunchbox


    Over the past few years, food allergies, more specifically the issue of peanuts and peanut butter in schools, has been a hot button issue lacking one overall resolution as policy's change from district to district nationwide.

    According to the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network, a national advocacy group, it is estimated that food allergies affect about 2.2 million school aged children and 1-2% of adults nationally (about 12 million people). Such food allergy reactions result in over 30,000 emergency room visits each year with nearly 200 people dying in the U.S. annually from anaphylactic reactions to foods, the group says.

    Kids not being able to be kids by enjoying cookies…what kind of childhood is that?

    But now, there is a solution: HomeFree treats, a new line of organic, ready-to-eat baked whole grain snacks including chocolate chip cookies, brownie chip cookies, apple coffee cake, and cranberry coffee cake and more that are free of peanuts, tree-nuts, eggs and dairy.

    Founded by Jill Robbins, a clinical psychologist and author of “Allergen Free Baking,” she turned to baking when her son was diagnosed with severe food allergies. Jill’s goal was to create delicious, wholesome treats that her son, and everyone with or without food allergies, can enjoy together. Today the company makes a variety of cookies and coffee cakes in a dedicated baking facility, where it conducts allergen testing on ingredients and random product batches to ensure that each product is free of common food allergens.

    Facts about HomeFree Treats:
    Whole grain – each cookie contains at least serving of whole grain
    Free of peanuts, tree nuts, eggs and dairy
    Fine for most people allergic to wheat (not gluten-free; contains oats)
    Fine for most people allergic to soy (most contain soy lecithin)
    Baked and packaged in a dedicated bakery
    Allergen tested
    Certified organic
    No trans fat
    Free of artificial colors, flavors, GMOs and MSG
    Free of corn sweeteners
    Kosher pareve


  • I have personally had these twice now. Last year Gak's Snacks sent me a couple of their soft cookies. They are large and individually wrapped, just like the Grandma's Cookies made by Frito Lay. They were truly delicious and I never would have guessed they were peanut free, egg free... allergy free!

    This year they sent me some more soft cookies and the little mini crunchy cookies you see pictured above. My kids loved them, were clueless that they were allergy free, and I give them 5 stars! YUM!
  • That's cool! I am going to pass this info on to my neighbor who has a child with food allergies. Are these easy to find in stores or must they be ordered online?
  • I don't believe they are available in stores (yet), but they do have an online store. I recommend to anyone interested in these that they click the link to the website above and be sure to read the FAQ as there's important information in there about gluten content and other things.
  • If I hear of anyone in my kids' classes who have food allergies, I will pass along this info, too.

    Last year Andy couldn't take anything with peanuts or peanut butter in it because there was a boy who was allergic in his class.

    It's great that there's a good alternative out there for them!
  • I have a couple of friends who have children who have the peanut allergiy problems so I am always on the lookout for sites for them. Two sites I have come across are and The first one I found out about while watching the Food Network one evening and the second one I just found out about today from another site I was on. I hope this can help someone out.
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