Eating healthy in 2003

  • Like a lot of others out there, I am sure, one of my goals is to learn to eat healthier in 2003.

    Are there any health food you are loyal to?
    Has anyone tried this new energy drink called Restore or anything similiar? For those of you who are already health conscience, what kind of advice could you give me and others who want to learn to eat healthier?
    My biggest problem is my sweet tooth, need I say more!
    Do you take vitamins or get your vitamins from healthy food?
    I drink soda, but usually just a can, maximum 2 a day. I do NOT drink 8 glasses of water, not even 2 glasses
    What can I do to motivate myself?
    thanks and peace,train
  • Your craving for sweets and your lack of interest in water are probably related. A lack of water can make you think you want sweets, when you really need water. Don't know where I learned this (probably Good Food for a Bad Gut, or Food and Mood), but I find it's true for me.

    Try adding something sweet to your water (it's better than no water at all) to get started. Lemon or orange is really good. Try adding lemon and a little sugar (like weak lemonade). Try it REALLY COLD sometimes.

    I don't get my 8 glasses either, but I drink more water than I used to. Good luck! dawny
  • I recently picked up the Jorge Cruise book called 8 Minutes In The Morning. It's great. He allows you to eat all foods but it's low on sugar and fat. You can look up his website at The website is nothing like the book.

    Is there a thread, or perhaps we can start one, for healthy recipes. Ones with flax oil, soy, etc.

    I'm an emotional eater so I end up falling off this diet every couple days but I keep picking myself back up.