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aubry 08-06-2002 05:04 AM

Healthy bagged lunches??
hello all!
My dh just started a new job. So I am ging too have too start packing him a lunch again. For the past 2 yr. he has been able too come home for lunch. I am so out of practice at making bagged lunches, and I want too make them healthy. I'm just not sure what too pack. He loves lunchmeat, so I use alot of chicken bologna. But the fat and chemicals are still high even with that. Turkey breast lunch meat would be great but it is so expensive. Any suggestions?

LILA 08-11-2002 07:49 AM

Healthy Bagged Lunches
Boneless, skinless, chicken breasts are great. They can be cut into strips or just placed on a sandwich. I buy them when they are sale and stock up on them. Fresh fruit or even canned fruit. A small cooler is better than a bag. You can keep an icepack in it to keep it cold and fresh. A small salad with dressing on the side. I hope this helps. :daisy:

NEAVON12 08-11-2002 11:12 AM

Hi Aubrey!
How about an old fashioned thermos? :p I pack my dh ravioli--heat in microwave first and then transfer to thermos, and do the same with Ramen noodles for my 11 yr old dd. Or if he has access to a microwave, he can take it in a container...I agree with the ice packs, & they work, b/c it gets hot here and ours have held up. Or, if he doesn't like ravioli, even macaroni salads, etc. I used up lots of leftovers like this! Hope it helps!

musicmom1 08-11-2002 11:24 AM

My husband also tells me that he likes sandwiches best..but Instead of getting the store bought meats, I make a roast (like a pot roast or even roast beef or pork) and cut the meat very small...almost shaved, then add bbq sauce. IT keeps the meat moist and he likes the taste. I also do the same with Chicken. By buying a whole chicken and using the meat as leftovers you can put that on a pita with lettuce and tomato and onion, or whatever in a baggie on the side so it doesn't get all goopy. Then just add a small baggie or tupperware container of salad dressing. Just make sure you get the disposable husband RARELY brings back my tupperware...if anyone has a motivation for that let me know!!
You also may want to buy an insulated lunch box, bag or cooler. Instead of using those ice packs, send him with a 1/2 bottle of frozen water. Before he goes in the AM, he or you can fill the water up the rest of the way. That way he can drink it with his lunch. You could save those water bottles and fill it with iced tea or juice as well.
Taco salads work well with left over ground beef. Send him with chips in a baggie, a small salad and the ground beef and some salsa.

Good luck to you both!

Just make sure that he is cooking for you on weekends!!!!

amyphoto 08-11-2002 12:23 PM

healthy bagged lunches
My husband loves having leftovers for his lunch, with his job (a courier) he doesn't have the opportunity to heat up anything though! I just use what ever leftover meats I have and make sandwiches ( I use mustard instead of mayo on the sandwiches, because it doesn't go bad as quick). I put it all in a small cooler, and I reuse water bottles, for water or ice tea. I also freeze a water bottle with water instead of using ice or a cooler pack. I've started to put his sandwiches in a rubbermaid container in the cooler, because his bread was getting soggy, and my dh hates soggy or stale bread!! He would rather stop at Mickey D's, and you know how much that can cost!! I also hard boil eggs and put a salt shaker in with it, and/or apples, grapes, anything healthy we have already, sometimes I give him mozz. cheese sticks, which he loves! :) Hope this helps!

CAFE 08-12-2002 05:23 AM

^^ I pack dh lunch every day, and have for over 25 years. It gets to be old I know. My dh has a microwave at work. If yours does, here are some ideas...
Throw burgers, hot dogs and brats on the grill on Sunday's.
Then all he has to do is warm them up at work. (There is 3 days.)
He takes leftovers from the night before..home made soups...casseroles...spaghetti...baked potatoes etc. etc. You get the idea:-D

If no microwave, then you could make all kinds of salads, adding different meats to them. My DH especially likes salad with a can of tuna over it and crackers. Sometimes he will take chicken on a salad, cobb salad, etc.

I send lots of fresh fruit in the summer, and canned fruit in the winter. I never send SWEET things as the sugar makes him tired.

Another idea is I make bags of fresh veggies (cut up) he can nibble on. Hope this helps. Cafe

sugarspicenpuppytails 08-12-2002 07:34 AM

How long before mayo or Miracle Whip goes bad in a bagged lunch? I would like to make my son chicken salad or tuna salad sandwiches for lunch at school but I'm always afraid the mayo will go bad. I guess I could use an ice pack but I feel he's already weighed down enough by his backpack (he's 6).

nagymom 08-12-2002 07:40 AM

After the weather cools I will be making tuna sandwiches for my granddaughters school lunches. She's in the 2nd grade and loves tuna. We use star shaped re-useable ice packs. They don't weigh much or take up much room but are very effective at keeping small items cold without making them soggy. I don't know for sure where my daughter found them but imagine they can be found at Wal Mart.

kasparcat 08-12-2002 10:50 AM


When chicken quarters are on sale cheap, like 29-39 lb, i stock up. I cut them into thighs and drumsticks. Use the thighs for dinner, and then cook up a whole bunch (like 20-24 at a time) of the spicy drumsticks at once and use them for lunches and after-school teenage-boy-snacks (you know how much they can eat???????)

Season some flour with cajun or other spicy seasoning (we are on a low-carb diet, so i use protein powder in place of flour). Dip the drums in italian dressing, then the seasoned flour. Bake at 350 in a foil lined pan till done. Cool and store in ziploc bag in fridge.


beckye3272 08-12-2002 02:31 PM

Concern about packing Mayo
I don't know exactly how long it is before mayonnaise goes bad when packed in a lunch, but I do remember reading in several magazines that the concern over mayonnaise going bad was more when people made it themselves. Store bought mayo is pasturized (or the eggs are or something...) and so it is safe to use it for lunches and picnics. However, the meat (tuna, chicken, etc.) might go bad if left too long at room temperature; so I still think you would need to use an ice pack or freeze a juice box or something to help keep it cool.

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