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  • Banners of Peeps, doorhangers:

    MADE: TUTORIAL: PEEPS Bunny Bunting and Door Hangers
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  • Oh I can't get enough of peeps..will be making tuxedo peeps as surprise gifts for
    my friends...

    Personally I LOVE them when they get stale.......
  • Nancy, thats the way my mom liked them. Me, I don't care for them.
  • Use to love them as a kid, could not wait til Easter...can't stand them now...stale or not...But it is amazing how you can get peeps all year around...
  • I have heard so many people that like them stale; what's with that?
  • Oh I am so happy that there are peeps for every holiday

    Catlover: Open a pack and eat them when they are a little dried out...maybe we'll make you a stale peeps believer... Yummy
  • Guess I'll have to buy a container of the and pack them away for a few months and save my sugar intake for a day and try them! lol
  • Quote: Oh

    Personally I LOVE them when they get stale.......
    That's the only way my husband will eat them. lol!!

    Have you ever blown them up really big in the microwave?
  • Oh, Tami. You should never have asked that question, cuz now I am going to go buy some and do just that to see what happens.
    I'll let my dh thank you for the suggestion, LOL.
    PS I may have to come bunk with you after wards.
  • I still wanna know.... what is it about them being stale? lol Do they taste chewy, or crunchy then...what is it that makes them taste so much better stale than fresh? Just wanna know! lol