What are you serving for Easter?

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  • I need ideas!!! My extended family does breakfast with fully loaded Italian frittatas (10 doz eggs last year!) and because of work schedules that will be our only celebration. I need some ideas as what else sounds good to go along with that. We have one diabetic and no kids under 18. Any ideas will be helpful!
  • A fruit bouquet! Fruit salad. Yummy rolls. Will you have dessert? Cheesecake is always good. Juice, coffee, tea.

    Can I come?
  • We have our family reunion every Easter. It's alot of people . We cook out and have all kinds of side dishes , desserts. Everyone has their favorites . We always have friends drop by, we've never ran out of food. We have the Easter egg hunts , by ages, even the adults have a hunt. Lots of fun and good food but most of all we get to catch up on what everyones been up to. We had over 100 attend.
  • Had a change in plans and taking a ribeye roast out of the freezer. Sides TBD. Mom does not want to go to church so it will be a super casual day around here.
  • Usually, we have the traditional ham, potatoe salad, greenbeans, corn and rolls, but this year, DH will be out on the road. Just me and DS to celebrate. I will wait and till everyone is home, including DD from college and make everything then.

    Will give DS his choice for that Sunday.
  • I cooked a Spiral Ham this past Sunday, because it wouldnt seem like Easter without it, but we are taking my Mom out to eat this year, since its the 1st without my dad. My dd and family will either join us or they will go to dd's mil's house(here it is 4 days til easter and shes still not sure lol) but the place we are taking my mom to is a Chinese Buffet, (and also for Easter they serve Roast beef and Ham) they also have Alaskan Crab Legs, and 3different kinds of shrimp, not to mention the fruit/salad buffet, and then the dessert buffet!! That Lemon Meringue Cake sounds sooo good will have to try it soon!!!
  • Don't blink! The ham is back on the menu, per Mommy's request. In fact, it is a spiral and its in the fridge! Scalloped potatoes, & french green beans. I have to make my lemon cake too! I better start on that on Saturday. Sure to be a crowd pleaser!

    Happy Easter Everyone!

  • We have Easter breakfast at our house (usually have an Easter meal somewhere else). Our tradition is Creamed Eggs with Ham over toast, mixed fruit and muffins. I started making creamed eggs as a way to use up some of the hard boiled eggs we had colored for Easter. Sometimes we have creamed eggs with a bit of color---LOL!
  • Can't believe Easter is just about here, not sure what is on the menu, my daughter is bringing dinner to us. She knows I have been on the go for a few weeks and she wants to surprise us.
  • Joy,
    I love eggs but have never had them creamed. May I have the recipe?

    Calgal, the cake recipe sounds yummy!
    Will it stand up well without refrigeration for a couple hours?
    I am thinking of making it fir my square dance group on Monday.

    Welp, I seem to be the only nontraditionalist this year for Easter dinner............don't feel like a ham so I bought fixin's for a southern dinner!

    We are having:
    Maya Angelou's fried chicken
    potatoe salad
    baked beans
    spring salad
    dinner rolls
    and chocolate birthday cake (dad)

    hugs, train