Easter Pizza!

  • I saw this in a book called "Simple Food Gifts" and it looked really cute. It's a little different from the one posted below.

    * Use a sugar cookie recipe or premade sugar cookie dough, cook it on a pizza pan.

    * Use frosting (homemade or store bought), this will be the "sauce" Dye it pink or yellow if you want.

    * Add the "cheese" which is coconut but dyed green like Easter basket grass.

    * The add the toppings which are jellybeans!

    I am making this for my 4 neighbor girls. One has celiac's so I'm making sure it's all gluten-free.
  • Skigirl, this is an excellant idea! Thanks for sharing. I will be seeing my GKs on the 13th. Maybe I could make one ahead of time (if I have room) and bring them one.
  • What a nice treat for your young neighbors.
  • That sounds adorable skigirl and it will be so sweet for the girls in your neighborhood! You could also teach them about Christ with the jellybeans.