Using veggie & fruit peels pureed mixed with water as fertilizer.

  • Been mixing and feeding this puree to my fruit trees every other day and you can see the difference in the leaves and fruit production. It is a messy job but I hate to throw it out. Be surprised how much you accumulate in a couple of days. Most vitamins are in the peels. I do mix it with half water than stir it before using it. It is so hot in Florida in the summer so everything needs a boost.


  • Works much faster than composting the peels!

  • Papaya peels for fertilizer

    Save all my peels from papaya & vegetables to puree for fertilizer for my fruit trees. Seem to grow healthier and seeds start new plants.


  • Couldn't believe how much peels came from 9 quarts of papaya's. Will mix them with banana peels for a potent blend. Tomorrow is another day to start processing them in the blender. Will keep them refrigerated so they don't get moldy.