Divorce, baby, which?

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  • Thanks.
    Thanks for the encouraging words. My husband and I have started counseling however my husband missed last week. I told myself I would give it 3 months and if things were not better then I would move forward. If he is not making an efforts, I mean. He has gone to one session and missed one session so right now he is 50/50.
  • Update
    Just an update for those of you following along and praying for my family. Looks as though divorce is the final decision. My husband missed yet another counseling session and he said it just was not working (even though he attended only one session) He has not made any attempts to see me or our daughter so in my eyes he is done. I told him we can not make it work if he is never around and will not attend counseling. He said counseling will not fix this.

    So I have made the hard decision to move on. I can not subject myself and my daughter to constant fighting and selfishness.

    If he really wanted it to work he would at least try. I feel as though he just said he would attend counseling to buy him some time before the courts make him pay.

    I hate it has come to this but my counselor has let me know I have not failed but have lost. I am now working with couselor to make sure if and when I find love again I do not repeat my life long pattern of men.

    THANKS FOR ALL THE PRAYERS AND KIND WORDS. Guess I will be joining the single parents board! lol
  • Txfran,
    Good luck to you, It sounds like you have made the best decision for you and your dd.

  • Txfran goodluck to you and your little girl things well be better for you I know it
  • TX Chef Fran - best of luck to you and your little one. I am sure it was a difficult but necessary decision.
  • Tx fran, I too want to wish you and yours the best. I had to divorce my first husband and it was a horrible experince, BUT I found my present hubby of 29 years. Things will get better. I had a lot of problems of guilt for divorce isn't right in the Bible but my preacher helped me with that and I now feel if it is a marriage where one of the people is not acting married ...then it is not a marriage anymore. Or something along that line. Anywho , God be with you , and it will get easier.
  • Quick update. Welcome to the roller coaster. My husband (or his second personality) emerged the day before I was to speak to an attorney. He didn't know I had the appointmnet scheduled but he came clean with everything, agreed to counseling and we have had a great 2 weeks. We have talked, laughed, cried, etc more in the last 2 weeks than in the last 3 years. It is amazing. We are still living in seperate households and I told him I needed him to walk the walk but as long as he was making an effort then I was all for working it out. Thigns are good so far. We will see. God works in mysterious ways. I will keep you all posted.
  • Tx Chef Fran - just wondering if he is still going to counseling with you and how things are going for you. I am hoping that no news is good news.
  • Quote: Tx Chef Fran - just wondering if he is still going to counseling with you and how things are going for you. I am hoping that no news is good news.
    Thanks for asking. Things are better with us. We are talking alot more however have not been able to go to counseling in almost a month. I was a SAHM so until I can get back to work we can not afford the counseling. we went for like 2 months and it really got us behind on all our other bills. It was costing $80 a week on an already tight budget. I have a interview tomorrow at my old company so I am hopeful that I will be back to work soon and we can get back in.
  • Tx Chef Fran - I am glad that things are going better and sorry to hear about the counseling. I know it can get expensive and you probably like your therapist. Do you all have programs there that will prorate the cost of the sessions. I know we have them here and you can choose your counselor too.

    Take care.