Is anyone on Weight Watchers?

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  • oncethin, There are lots of people on this site and lots of great threads I started a diet on monday i am sortof doing weight watchers but mostly i have i just stoped eatting junk food and cut way beck on bread id like to loose about 30 pounds. and also i have started walking so that is a big help. Welcome to a great place there are lots of great helpful people on here.
  • Thanks for such A quick reply, Just curius how many diets have you tried because Ive tried lots, But this time I feel really difffrent. Oncethin
  • oncethin I havent tried many diets before. My sister is doing adkins and she is doing great on it but i just can't do it im afriad my blood pressure will go up to much. The the WW looked like i can do it but im just not being real strict im doing really good not eating junk food and its in the house all the time my worse time is the evenings i need to snack so i try to just eat something like a piece of fruit or something like that so i think i can do it this way i have just keep gaining weight over the last 7 years since i had my daughter and i wear a 18 jean and would justlike to get back down to 10/12 and i would be happy.
  • HI Again,I also wear a 18 my daughter is 4 1/2 Before her I was a size 12 I didnt realize how great It was to be a size 12,I honestly didnt,I see my old 12 jeans And Its hard to beleive I use to wear them. Im not trying to be skinny just a not an 18......
    Im cleaning house so Im running back and forth to my computer.
  • oncethin, I know just what you mean I was a 10/12 and i didnt realize how great that was I have no desire to be skinny either i just want to look good in cloths and not have a big belly and also i hate being blest on top if you know what i mean its a pain sometimes.
  • I dont know how to put those laughing face up yet but if I did Id put 10 of them........ I know Exactly what you mean about being bless like that,I didnt realize that when I was thin either now somehow someway they became my best assets.
    Im not trying to impress anyone anymore I just want to wear those pants with the strings on the end and look cute ,Ive seen the girls my size wearing those pants and thats not what I want to see in myself. I think I should of read the rules A bit more clear because Im not sure how many People will see this.
    Hope to hear from you again
  • oncethin, I know just what you mean by wearing cute clothes that what i want to one of these days i will agian Family corner is a great place you will see there are so many great ladies on here thay all like to joke and have fun and also be serious when needed. If you like to cook check out the Whats for dinner thread great bunch of ladies there and also the What did your do frugal today thread thay are great.. Talk to you later hope to talk more.
  • Hi. I found the link to this thread on the What's for Dinner site. I see it's been inactive for a long time though. Anyone still on Weight Watchers? I've been on it for about 2 months and have lost about 13 pounds. I'd love to be able to share yummy weight watcher friendly recipes and ideas.

  • Starting WW
    Hi Tammie, I am going to start WW soon. I am going to purchase the kit and try to do it on my own. It's great to hear that you've done well on it. The last time I dieted was last spring. I did Atkins for a total of 4 months and lost about 25 pounds. I hit a plateau after 2 months and kept at it, but finally gave in completely and quit the diet. I have gained all 25 pounds back plus plenty more! Before that, I hadn't watched what I ate in 10 years.

    I am looking forward to getting the kit and am hoping that with WW I'll be able to cut back and slowly take the weight off.

    Let me know how you are doing!


  • Hi all, I just found this site. I am doing ww at home. I have the calculator and instructions and have bought cookbooks with point values. I have lost weight ,only been doing this for about 2 months. I have been posting on the diet buddies thread and also on WFD WW is the link to it has recipes and point values: