Anyone doing the Weigh Down diet?

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  • Thanks for the nice welcomes. So every Monday I weigh myself and report on here?
    Sounds like a great plan.
    Anyone on a certain diet around here?
  • Right, weigh on Monday mornings, log on and report it here.

    I'm not on a specific diet, just eating sensibly, cutting back on soda (pop), and exercising more, in my case stretches, leg lifts, crunches and walking.

    My mom used to use weight watchers and it always helped her. I have to force myself to eat veggies, just don't like them.

  • Will this always be under the most recent postings? Sometimes I have a hard time figuring out where to find things after I havent read the posts for awhile.
    I will try to be good so that I can show that I have lost weight instead of gaining. Yikes.....
  • You know, I'm not sure. Most times I bookmark something I know I want to go back to. That or I leave it in my inbox.


    Here are some links.
  • Thank you Connie. I will check them out this evening.

  • How is everyone doing so far? I got off to a very rocky start yesterday. I did really well until I picked up dd1 from school. We were driving home with the car windows rolled down and it was sunny and 80 degrees! You know what that means, don't you?! Ice cream! We stopped at McDonald's and got an M & M McFlurry.

    I'm doing much better today. I think I'm in a better mindset today. Tonight's dinner will be burgers on the grill, salad and some leftover grilled zucchini. I made some sugar-free Jello for dessert. Yummy!

    Hopefully, you're all doing well!



  • Kathy, good for you today! Baby steps, baby steps.

    Oh, I was horrible today. It's rainy and depressing, work is hectic so at lunch my friend and I went to Applebies and I got a blondie for dessert. I rarely get dessert but it was calling my name!! I hate PMS, makes me crave things I normally have the willpower to say no to.

    So tonight I'll have a little bit of fruit and some veggies and that's it. I feel awful now though, should have just said NO!!!

  • I have had frozen pizza twice this week! Not good. I am also on day two of panic attacks. I am trying to stay calm, do some laundry and housework. I am making fried chicken for dinner but I will have a huge tossed salad with mine. No pigging our on mashed potatoes and gravy for me.
  • You guys are doing great! I weighed Tuesday evening & I was at much for thinking I was staying around 186. I started my period today so that was part of the extra weight. Sometimes I gain up to 7 pounds of water before I start my period and then when I start I'll be in the bathroom for 2 solid days getting rid of all the excess water & I'm back to what I weighed before. I hate feeling so puffy.

    I haven't walked yet. Yesterday I wore my exercise clothes all day and I still didn't do any exercising. Oh well, I made a babystep toward it, I thought about it. My youngest dd is sick and she's been waking me up each night. I took her to the doctor today and she has an ear infection & a sinus infection. Hopefully the meds will kick in quickly and she'll be feeling better. It's been pretty here except today we had rain. I love the warm, sunny weather. It really makes me feel happier & it makes me want to get outside to walk. I'm hoping dd2 & I can start taking some walks during the day while dd1 is at school. Then maybe we can all take a short walk in the evening so that dd2 can get some energy out also. That will be two short walks each day and then when it warms up enough for my neighbor we can start taking our hour long walks at night after the kiddos are asleep. She doesn't like to be cold so she'll only walk when the weather is warm. I don't mind walking in the cold, I get so hot that it feels great to me when it's cool out.

    One of the Mom's at soccer camp last summer told me that she takes a walk each time she drops her kids off at a practice. She walks around the practice field or around the parking lot or sidewalks. I thought that was a great idea. My girls are taking gymnastics right now but I don't want to leave them by themselves to go outside to walk. Maybe this summer I will some, but I enjoy watching them. I usually stand during their practices so I'm burning a few calories since I'm not sitting. They'll both be starting softball the 2nd week of April so I'm hoping I can walk around the ball field. That way I can walk and watch them at the same time. They'll have softball practice twice each week.

    I've read You on a Diet, it was a really good book. There was a thread on here for that book/diet. I haven't visited it for a while, I never actually followed all of the rules for the diet, but I need to reread the book. It has a lot of really good ideas. Bob Greene has good diet/exercise books also. He has a common sense approach to things. I used to do WW's but I'd always fall off the bandwagon, I'm not sure why either because it's not hard. I'm sure most of you are like me, you know exactly what you should & shouldn't eat, how much to eat, what types of food you should eat & what you should avoid. I could be a nutritionist, I just don't follow my own advice enough. I really enjoy reading about nutrition & exercise and some of it motivates me enough to make changes.

    I have a walking dvd that I got free on a box of cereal last year. It's Leslie Sansone, Walk Away the Pounds, One-Mile Walk. It's a really good dvd & it's only about 15 minutes. It's a nice, quick workout. I think someone else mentioned it on here but I couldn't remember at the time if that was the name of the one I had.

    Lisa, I'm with you with the diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease. My family history is full of that stuff, I just haven't been hit with it yet. I know I need to get my weight & health under control now so that I can hopefully escape these problems in the future. My Grandpa had a major heart attack when he was 35. That's scary because I'm 35 now and feel like I don't have to worry about heart attacks for many more years. I think my Mom was diagnosed w/ HBP in her 40's and she's been on medication for a long time now. I don't want to have to eat a certain diet because of a disease. I want to get it under control to prevent those diseases. I really need to take control of my life now. You guys are a great motivation. Keep up the good work & know you are helping to motivate me to do better.

    Sorry for the long post.