anyone on the Spark People

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  • Is anyone here on sparkpeople to help with their diets? and does it help?
    I am still learning about the site myself, joined a group and will be grocery shopping today.
  • I am on there!!

    I havent actually done anything!

    I have saved alot of excercies and things to help me thou and I "PLAN" on starting up real soon with things!!

    I save some of thw quotes and so forth and save them on the journal thing so I can go back and look at them and I save recipes and so forth!
  • Hi--I'm not familiar with Spark-people. What is it all about? Happiness~~Caroline
  • Health, Weight Loss, Excercise
    Its a pretty neat place and TUNS of valueable info
    Alot of demonstrations of the excercises and alot of great recipes
  • Hi ~ Sounds interesting....Where do you find this place? ....Thanks~Happiness to ya....
  • Thanks for the information. Have you heard She sends a very good news letter each day, all about different diet food etc........Joined spark people, sounded good but I didn't have to much time to spend on the site.....Happiness to ya.....
  • Cool! A friend sent me the SparkPeople link last night, and I joined this morning, although I'm not starting the diet part in earnest until after grocery shopping day next week. That gives me a few more days to try to get my dh to join me, too. LOL It looks like a great site with lots of supportive folks (sounds a bit like FC, huh?) Since I need to lose a whole person, that's a big plus. I was curious if anyone here was on SP, so it was neat to find this thread. My username on SP is the same as here, if you ever want to look me up over there.
  • Hi- Get the sparks people news letter everday and it's good. Going to really get on this site to see how it all works tomorrow...Happiness to all....
  • same here! ive really been saving alot of info and I hope to get myself motivated to do something!
    I lack so much motivation!!!

    No I have never heard of thou!