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ajrsmom 11-11-2006 07:45 PM

Thanks ladies!

Have you watched the Oprah episode yet? What did you think?

I am still not really understanding the concept of this plan. Maybe the book would help?

chris73 11-11-2006 08:32 PM

OMG I know what you mean about Chips and Candy.. Since Halloween has been here and we have Candy (from what we did not pass out) I have been snacking on them. Breaking my Diet.. I have been really bad today anyways. Just hungry, lol.
Rachel what a great Idea about the Cabinets. I will not buy anymore Candy, Cakes and such either. If it isn't in the House I won't eat it..
I hate to throw out that good Halloween Candy though.. And the German Chocolate... Come to think of it I have Kindereggs coming, lol.. Not a good thing..
Need to hit the Gym again as well.

Tami: I watched most of the Show and was really impressed by what he said. Rachel and I ordered the Book so hopefully we can put some good tips and such on here once we get them :) It sounds like a pretty easy to follow Diet with great Success if you keep it up. You learn the good and bad Incridients. Working out is a Factor as it is in every Diet.
I am eating a Grapefruit as a Snack instead of Candy right now, lol..
Well I am rambeling and should get ready for Bed.. Went out on a Date tonight. 1st 1 in Years, lol...

rachela30 11-12-2006 06:33 PM

Roberta ~ I so know what you mean!

Tami ~ I watched the whole show and it makes sense. You basically watch out for five ingredients and don't buy anything with them. Enriched flour, bleached flour, sugar ( more than 4 grams a serving - I think, this is from memory ) , hydrogenated oils, I can't remember the last one, but I will post it when I get the book. I am gradually using and replacing existing things in my cabinets, I don't want to waste money and I want to do this slow, so the family doesn't notice a big shift. But it is working so far, I snuck in some whole wheat pasta and they liked it. Cool,. huh? That is all I have for now, but I will post more later.Thanks for being interested. I will get more into this when the book arrives. The Literary Guild book club seems to be slow on its shipping. haha. Rachel

jmz2005 11-13-2006 04:05 AM

Thank You for posting the site and all the info you all have provided. I had to forward to my sis, now we can work on it together, lol (a little bit of support for us). We both need to work on losing some weight.

Caronamy 11-13-2006 05:37 AM

There is also a program on Discovery Health on this. Same thing called you on a diet. I taped it too. I like the Oprah show one, but this was a little more detailed. It all makes sense to me. Everyone needs to get a pedometer (sp)

Check out Discovery Health and see if they are running it anytime soon.

Greg really liked the program and wants to do it with me. Speaking of which...Greg started a new job at a local grocery store Friday, and today is his second day. Today he goes in for 4 pm. So he'll have to eat early or eat late. This will be different for him.

Speaking of Greg...he entered a picture into an online photo contest... determined by votes by anyone! He called it Lake Ontario Sunset.

If anyone would like to vote daily (ends Nov 30) he would appreciate the votes! The only thing is you have to register to vote. Which is no big deal; I used one of my emails I use for junk and freebies, and I only entered my name, email and state and it accepted it.

You can vote once a day and for as many photos as you like.

I also vote daily for the "scarf" and "just too big pictures" (not ours, but I like them).

Sooooooo... here is the link... thanks in advance. Greg & Caron


rachela30 11-13-2006 07:13 AM

Jmz ~ So glad you and your sis can join us. I am still waiting for my so impatiently!

Caron ~ I can't wait to get completely started. So glad you could join us. I voted for Lake Ontario Sunset. That is really a beautiful picture! Your votes are up to 104.


rachela30 11-14-2006 01:50 PM

Chris, Still waiting on the books. I hope we get them soon! I am going crazy waiting!!!!


rachela30 11-15-2006 06:06 PM

Okay all the mail has come, the UPS truck, Fedex, and still NO BOOK!!!! Okay, I know it takes time, but I am so excited I cannot sit still for this book. I really really hope it comes tomorrow. Chris.. you about ready to start when this comes in? I will post as we go through the book, so if someone doesn't have it, we can give you the basics! Rachel

rachela30 11-16-2006 03:50 PM

Guess What??? I got my books today! I am getting started to night. They look easy to read. Rachel

chris73 11-20-2006 05:42 AM

I like the Book from what I have seen... I have yet to sit down and read it though :(
Will be starting today.. Can not wait to really do this...
Anyone else order it and recieved it yet?

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