Weight Loss Resources On the Web

  • Hi y'all!

    Here are a number of websites that will help with understanding nutrition and weight loss:

    The National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases - many resources

    Diet Site - Registered Dieticians - All Diets - many resources

    National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) - Controlling Your Weight - many resources

    Weight Watchers

    Atkins Diet

    South Beach Diet

    e-diets - many resources - most major diets supported

    Zone Diet

    American Heart Association - many resources

    Jenny Craig

    Slim Fast Diet

    Suzanne Somers - Somersizing

    Dr. Phil McGraw Shape Up Diet - click on weight loss link

    Bill Phillips - Eating for Life

    Trim Kids Diet

    Dean Ornish Diet

    WebMD Food and Nutrition Start Page

    e-diets probably has the most varied resources, and helps with correctly following most of the major "specialized" diets.

    Be careful with over-the-counter "diet pills." They may contain ingredients that will interfere with proper utilization of prescription medications you may be on. In addition, they may contain high amounts of caffeine which can make you jittery, make your heart race, and even cause heart palpitations. Always check with your doctor before using one of these.

    Notice that most "diet pills" come with an insert that recommends a diet and exercise regimen. Those diets usually are low-calorie, low fat diets that would lead to weight loss even without taking the diet pill! In addition, the exercise recommendations would lead to a healthier life and some weight loss, again, even without taking the diet pill!

    The "best" diet for weight loss is one that helps you change your lifestyle to a healthier one. It will include lowered calories, lowered fat, higher fiber, frequently includes reduced sodium, and includes a moderate exercise program. It will emphasize fresh or frozen foods rather than canned or "boxed" convenience foods.

    Remember, "boxed" convenience foods usually will have high fat and high calorie levels.

    Even the so-called high protein, low carb diets do not eliminate carbs entirely. They emphasize whole grains, smaller servings and avoidance of highly processed carbs.

  • Good job, Elizabeth, thanks. I've put this page on my monitor, and will be checking a lot of these out on my days off this week...assuming Ivan doesn't hit my area too hard and knock out my power, that is. Prayers for those in his path, and that have already been hit, and for those who are still trying to recover from Charley and Frances. It's been a terrible hurricane season this year. God bless.
  • One of my daughter's mom lost 53 pounds using LA Weight Loss. She said that for her it was easy. This was last summer. I haven't seen her in about 6 months until yesterday and it looks like she has gained her weight back. I am not sure what the program involves.
    I also have a dear friend from nursing school who just bought a Curves for Women 3 months ago. It seems like a good program. There are 2 diet plans to choose from...a low carb/carb sensitive plan or a calorie counting plan plus you exercise on these machines in sequence for 20 or 30 minutes. I can't remember. She is very excited about it. There is a website Curvesinternational.com that gives more info. Just another option.
    I think most smart, healthful programs will work if you work the program, right? Plus you have to give time. The weight didn't go on overnight and so it takes time and commitment to lose it, too.
  • The weight didn't go on overnight and so it takes time and commitment to lose it, too.

    That is something that all of us who are trying to lose weight needs to keep in mind.

    It takes even more commitment to keep it off. I know, I worked very hard to lose a good bit of weight last year but then started "stress" eating and getting lazy when we moved so now Im left to lose it again.

    I was on Atkins already when I joined Curves so I didnt do their plan but I cant say enough about how good I felt while I belonged to their gym. I also adding walking to my routine too.
  • Thanks for the information i have to loose some weight and needed to know where to look. Do these diets really work for people that are always on the go? Can you really keep it off? So many diets out there which ones work?
  • Great sourses of information ewriggs. I've bookmarked some of the sites to view later.
  • Atkins was originally the diet people with epilepsy used to control their seizures.
    My son is on this abs diet.
    Most of them are the same basically high protein low fat. the protein gives you the energy, and the low fat keeps you from getting the extra fat in foods that you get from foods like potatoes is high in starch but deep fried they are high in fat.
    I have the whey drink mix that they suggest for either a glass before or after exercising.
    I guess that is what they were told is a good diet in the military to follow.
    then he told me!

  • Hey gang.....I found a wonderful support for those of us trying to loose...
    to get an idea go to :


    I love the food journal coz it breaks down EVERYTHING and also calculates exersice!
    This site is FREE, no gimics and was created by a doctor!
    I am SO hooked!