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CAFE 09-10-2003 05:38 AM

:worm: Are any of you out there on the SOUTH BEACH DIET?
I have been on it for going on my 3rd day now. Would like to exchange ideas & recipes. Cafe 8-)

ajrsmom 01-05-2004 01:47 PM

We have done the first 2 weeks on the SB diet then I went off. Im planning on starting again tomorrow.

If you want a really good website to get many ideas & recipes from, go to and look at their SB diet forums. It is one of the best that Ive found. There are people on there who have been on it for a long time with great success.

Also, I bought the book but it is not necessary to do so. The only thing that I would buy the book for is the info. in the front of the book explains how your body processes carbs and what the plan is all about. On this plan, you dont count calories or fat grams. As long as you stick to the foods that you are allowed on each phase, you can basically eat as much as you want. It is NOT like the Atkins diet. On the Prevention SB forum, you can find a whole section on info. for newbies....I would recommend that everyone read this first, even if you buy the book. You will find that many people have posted the same info. that the book has in it.

Although I stopped this for a while, I can tell you that for the 2 weeks that we were on it, I felt GREAT!!! You cannot have caffiene or sugar while on this so I had major headaches from withdrawels for 3 days but after that, it was much energy!!!

As with any diet, this has to be a liefestyle change for this to work. One thing I will tell you is that once you are off of sugar for 2 weeks and then you decide to splurge ...same with fat or anything else, you WILL feel the bad results of it!! :-O

I have a lot of recipes that I would love to share too.

How about starting a support group for SBers here? I would love to have the support!!

ajrsmom 01-06-2004 07:35 PM

CAFE, How are you doing? Hopefully well!!

Shawn, Have you decided on a plan yet? If you decide on this one, let me know.

I started again today. I think it went well today although Im dealing with the expected headaches....two more days to go with those!

Ill be updating my days under my weight loss journal.

Anyone else doing this plan??

Or low carb in another way??

kimmyo 01-12-2004 04:15 PM

I am on day 2 of the SB Diet. Eating good and I cut the caffiene out and I have the worst headache of my entire life! I know it will pass but man what a pain! I ordered the book from but I haven't received it yet. I bought a small book to go with it called the SB Diet good fats good carbs guide. It helped me know what I was allowed to eat. I would be interested in sharing menus and recipes with others.

momperson 01-13-2004 04:29 AM

I'm interested in the SB diet. Will try to find the book today. I did some reading about it on-line & think it might be helpful for me. I'm on thyroid med. for very low thyroid, & 3 meds for high blood pressure & have arthritis & damaged joints. Walking is very difficult as one knee won't cooperate anymore.
I'll check back here after I get the book. Tonight I'm trying a recipe from Light & Tasty magazine, but not sure if it fits the SB plan.

BoggsZ 01-18-2004 07:23 AM

I would love to know how this SB diet works I have tried adkins and I cant do it i get to hungry can someone fell me in on this one.

carmag 01-18-2004 10:53 AM

bought the it.....wanted so badly to start the sb diet. know people who are on it they look great! I just cant get started !!! ya have to give up everything I eat lol
but i do hear you do loose the belly...which is my main concern.
my only could you stay on this for a lifetime???

dani_hamilton 01-18-2004 11:16 AM

South Beach Success
Hi all!
I started the South Beach Diet the beginning of October. I'm not following it strictly anymore but use it as a guideline for my life. In Phase I (the first two weeks), I lost 9 pounds. I started at 209 (after 2 babies!) and lost those first 9 pounds in two weeks without feeling hungry. They give you a huge list of foods that you can eat freely from... so, if I ever got hungry, I knew I could grab a handful of peanuts or a ham roll-up. I really lost the cravings for sugar and carbs, some of my favorite things! As a frugal shopper/ cooker, I always included pastas and such in my meals to help extend the meat and make the meal go further. I've switched to brown rice and to whole wheat pasta and bread and haven't noticed the difference in the taste at all. I even had whole wheat pancakes with my family and it tasted just great!

Since I am still nursing my 1 year old part-time, I didn't want to be on an ultra strict diet. South Beach is NOT ultra strict and they even allow you to eat freely, as long as its from their list of good foods. I have lost a total of 18 pounds since I started and, as I said before, I don't follow it to the letter. is a good place to find out more info. And, join a free group on yahoo for lots of recipe sharing and good conversations about losing weight. It's always helpful for you to be accountable to someone else who won't let you slip up! :D

Good luck!

Ft. Hood, TX

Jeannie 01-18-2004 11:31 AM

I just sent for it as well.. I shall have to read it all to see the hows and whats...

I did go on Atkins when it first came out and did extremely well on it. I was NEVER hungry...... we shall see how this goes...

Goria 01-18-2004 02:06 PM

does anyone know of health risks with this plan? The problem I am having is that there is almost too much information out there...some say good/some say not...same with The Zone...has anyone tried this? Is it doable? HElp!

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