Orange Creamsicle Pudding

  • Orange Creamsicle Pudding

    1(8 oz.) package fat free cream cheese( at room temperature)
    8 oz. fat free sugar free orange yogurt( I used 2- 6 oz.)
    5 packets of Splenda (or 10 t. of pourable Splenda)
    1/4 t. vanilla
    1 -3 oz. package orange sugar free Jell-O
    1 c. fat free cool whip

    Beat cream cheese and yogurt until creamy. Add
    Splenda and vanilla, and then add in the orange
    Jell-O mixing well. Fold in cool whip and spoon
    into 4 dessert dishes. Top each with 2
    tablespoons of cool whip.

    Serves 4; 156 calories
  • Oh my... one of my very favourite flavours! I HAVE to try this! Oh my!