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tashablueyes 09-02-2004 09:04 PM


Bilby 01-25-2013 05:02 PM

My boys didn't get teeth until they were at least 10-11 months and I think their first dentist appointment was around 2yrs old.
I think the earlier they see the dentist visit is nothing to fear they better it goes for future visits.
They cleaned their teeth twice per day ... mostly and never less than once at night.
I also think if the parent shows anxiety the child feels that and can make the visit a bad one so be easy about it all.
My boys are now 18 and 22 and still no fillings so we did something right.

seleach 01-26-2013 04:19 AM

Kathy, your boys have good teeth. Probably due to good brushing and dental visits.

I don't remember how old my kids were for their first dental appointments but it was before they started school. And they had never been afraid to go and never put up a fuss.
My dentist at that time was very good and he knew just how to make the kids comfortable.

RobertaD 01-26-2013 06:15 AM

My kids didn't have their first visits until they were 4-5yrs old (they didn't cut teeth until they were 12mo & 13mo) which is what our dentist office recommended. Prior to their first apartment they sat on my lap while I had a dental cleaning so they could see how my teeth got tickled and they knew what to expect.


Bilby 01-26-2013 03:08 PM

I should also say that food plays a big part, my kids never drank soft drink until pre school (5yr) and my youngest didn't like the bubbles so didn't start drinking that until he was about 9 I think, and even then soft drink like chips were a weekend or school holiday food not something to be eaten every day. They are good vege eaters, I also watered down fruit juices mostly apple (they didn't like orange juice)

barbar 10-15-2014 05:17 AM

It's interesting why children hate dentists so much. My babygirl lost her first tooth in primary shool, can you imagine? It was very late and she had a problem with new teeth. Microsurgery was necessity :( but everything was fine because she did it in the best place.
I can reccomend it: Manhattan Root Canal Treatment Center, New York City Endodontist & Apico Center. She could count on post-surginal care and professional help.

Bilby 10-15-2014 01:31 PM

I remember I swallowed my first tooth that came out, I was at school I had nothing to show for it but a gap in my teeth lol

cat lover 12-02-2016 01:02 AM


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