Help!!! Paper Thin Walls

  • Please help me. The walls in my house are so thin I can hear my son sneeze in the next room. I need an inexpensive way to buffer the noise.

  • Hi Doris,

    We had this problem in our first home. We put quilts up on the walls in both rooms that shared a wall and the sound transmission was buffered quite a lot. The only room that stayed noisy was the bathroom, couldn't hang any quilts in there!

    Happy New Year!
  • Hi Jeanna,

    Thanks, I will try this. I will go to some yard sales to look for old quilts to try. Again thank you
  • You are very welcome! Hope it helps!

  • Hello Doris,

    It's a little late but I'm new to the message boards and just found your post. When I lived in an apartment with thin walls, I got carpet samples in warm tones to match my decor and made "artwork" out of them on the wall. Decorative, frugal and very functional.

  • My parents were very frugal about thickening the walls in my childhood home, and learned a few tricks along the way (esp when you rent)...I used a quilt also between our kitchen and laundry-room (our old Illinois home), my parents made storage units for toys, clothes, etc on the walls in our home, and of course closet space. In our all the homes we've rented, I have put bookcases, curio cabinets, and / or file cabinets against shared walls, this includes dressers. When we owned our house in Illinois, we bought some of those cans of insulation - you make a small hole in the walls, and fill. They were about $5.00 give or take, but that was almost 10 years ago.
    I try not to put the tv on the "shared" wall with a neighbor... For the bathroom, if you have room and can find some inexpensively, get the bathroom accessory units the storage over the toilet, and decorative peel and press (many can be non-sticky or easy peel off furniture types) - this will assist in "spotty" sound traveling.
  • Old wall tapestries are another way to help dampen sound. Additionally, arranging the room where seating is opposite the less than private wall.
  • Noise bounces on all hard surfaces so floors and ceilings too can be sound dampened. Tablecloths on tables help too.