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  • I am looking for window treatment ideas. I have mini blinds (which I hate) on all my windows, but with the exception of the kitchen and bathroom I have no other window treatments up!

    In my kitchen I have a valance with sunflowers on it up over the blinds.

    In the bathroom I have a fish net draped with fish and sea shells in it. (goes with my tropical fish theme! Looks Great!)

    I'm thinking of getting rid of the mini blinds and going with pull down shades maybe. Anyone else use these? Mini blinds get sooo dirty and dusty.

    I've been thinking about making simple tab top drapes for the boys room in a denim look fabric. I also found some beautiful lace panels really cheap at a thrift store for my bedroom, just never hung them up. Some bargain huh?

    Anyone care to share some ideas or thoughts with me!?
  • There are so many ideas.

    If you go with pull down shades you can always glue fabric to them. I have in the past always bought an extra sheet and cut then glued it to the shade. This way it would match the decor.

    You can also stencil on the shade or use stamps.

    Also, you can add the borders and the racking to the bottoms.

    Cut a simple pattern on the end to make it more decorative instead of a straight hem.

    Cut out some designed in the shades and use tissue paper or a very fine fabric on the back to make the design shine with the sun is out.

    I have a whole book on these types of things. All window treatments.

    Give me a better idea of what you want and I may be able to cxome up with some stuff....
  • We have a very casual lifestyle and our home is very casual. We have been doing a lot of remodeling and we are getting ready to open the living room up to the kitchen and make it a great room. I don't want anything too fancy or elegant looking. We like creative or wimsy ideas, hince the net on the bathroom window. We watch tv and use the computer in this space and right now we are finding that the mini blinds create a glare on both screens at certain times of the day. I really just want simple low maintenance. And absolutely nothing frilly or girly...I'm out numbered here!

    I think plain pull down shades in the boys room and denim tab tops will look good and be low maintenance too. They have planets and stars on their walls too so I might let them put some on the shades too.
  • Shawn, a question for you......What did you do to the edges of the material that you put on the blinds to keep them from fraying ?

    When we moved, I left my mini blinds behind and Im using pull down shades too. What kind of glue did you use ? Ive read that using spray adhesive works really well but it can be tricky to work with. Any tips ?
  • Wow Shawn, those are some great ideas! I never would have thought of decorating the window shades, I especially love the cut out and tissue paper ideas!

    In my son's room they had mini blinds but no drapes. I didn't want to buy any, yet I had a top sheet that was brand new that he never uses. It matched his decor and was a nice sturdy sheet, and I DON'T SEW, so I cut the sheet in half, trimmed the ends to the proper length, and used permanent fabric glue and glued the sides and ends to create drapes. Then I used the scraps that I had trimmed off to make pull backs. I bought a few big colorful buttons and hand sewed those on to the pull backs. Here's a pic!


  • Top Sheets
    Beleive it or not, almost every curtain I make is from sheets.

    They don't call me the Curtain Lady for nothing

    It seems that I am always making curtains for someone. I made my Living Room/Dining room curtains without ever sewing before. My aunt who sews by trade told me they looked professionally done.

    Since then I have custom made curtains for family, friends and family of friends and friends of friends. I have also made a few bucks doing so. Not too shabby.

    But most of them people give me sheets to make curtains from.

  • For ajrsmom

    I have used spray glues and regular fabric glue and a brush. You just have to be careful when placing the fabric on.

    For the edges, I always put a hem on them and iron it flat. You can use some of that iron on stuff that holds the hem down also. If you like, you can sew a hem also.

    I hope this helped.

    Let me know if you need more
  • Cute Curtains Amanda!
  • Thanks Kimmyo!
  • Amanda, that is a clever idea with the buttons.

    Very nice