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Marchelle 07-16-2002 03:51 PM

What to do with PANELING????
Ok...this is my first thread starter!

I moved into this house, my husband's with his first wife but they never did any improving. I've got a blank slate...but unfortunately it's PANELING! I don't mean NICE real wood stuff either the cheap cheesy dark brown kind. Eck!

Hubby and I don't have same 'style' for decor and everything I suggest he just says 'that won't look good'. grrr... I've thought of painting it and have done just the laundry room that way. I'd like to know more suggestions.

I like wallpaper and want to know what I'd have to do to be able to do some papering on the paneling or is that impossible? I've thought of using joint compound in the cracks and smoothing it out, priming, then painting too so it would look like a normal sheetrock wall. I've thought of texturing the paneling...using the same joint compound stuff and smear it all over the entire area and then painting. Will any of this work? I'm trying to stick to a budget but I may lose my mind having to look at all this crap much longer! *venting*

Likes: I don't mind color, I like ecletic style vs his comtemporary only...I think i've gotten through to him on this tho..I'm the one here most of the time and if I'm not happy with my surroundings then I won't be happy with him! lol

Any suggestion will be appreciated...and yes, I do watch Christopher, HGTV and Trading Spaces...


Shawn 07-16-2002 04:43 PM


I had the same trouble in my bedroom and I had tried several things. Yes, you can do joint compound but that would take a lot of work. There is a wallpaper type lining on the market that is supposed to be great. It is a heavy white cardboard type stuff that you put up and then wall paper over it. I tried this on a small area and it worked.

What I landed up doing was priming the paneling with a primer and then I painted it. Beleive it or not, it turned out quite nice. I used a vanilla color and then stencilled on the corners.

Have you considered taking the panelling down? If you do, PLEASE do a corner area first to check. Sometime people glue them to the wall. This happened in what is now my daughters room. What a mess. We had to re-sheet rock the WHOLE room. not a run job.

If you go the painting route there are many things that can be done. Why not make it a mural, outline a design and paint it. All I suggest is if you do paint, make sure you use a brush in the grooves then roll over the rest. I did my room all by myself (1 coat primer, 2 coats of paint) when dh worked.

Good Luck and let us know how you make out !

janet 07-16-2002 07:46 PM


When I first moved into our home...It ws all dark brown paneling...the kind that gives you splinters when you wipe them down....just like Shawn I have painted over mine with a good grade of Acrylic Latex paint, semi-gloss. In some rooms I left the lines and have stenciled on some too. Now in our bathroom I took joint compound and kinda made it look like stucco, then painted it a country white..It came out great!

In one room I stucco the top half and left the lower with the lines and it looks great too. Kinda like wainscoting.

The way I figured it...anything would look better than dark brown did I tell you???? We also had many different types of carpets and colors some were in the same room!!! Yuck!

I sometime wonder are houses just a Money Pit? ROFLMAO


Marchelle 07-17-2002 01:28 PM

So it's possible to fill in the lines! I didn't in the laundry room and I don't know what my problem was then I painted it Martha's 'vintage green' and now I hate it! I suppose if I had continued to decorate the room I'd like it more so I'm looking for an idea to tone the color down as well in there. maybe ragging over it? idk.

I have a piece of panel lose from a wall and it wasn't glued but the outside walls may have been as there would be insulation involved there. I will check into that wallpaper liner stuff for sure. We did consider painting one child's room yellow, adding real picket fence all around the bottom and stenciling in flowers, bees and such. Garden theme as we'd also use fence posts for making a bed frame-possible bird house on top of those also (but that may change depending on who shares a room with the baby) For the other girl she wants a princess room so my idea was to paint her room pink (her fave) and then stencil crowns, roses or diamonds on the wall various places and then make the bed a canopy top with a crown. Hubby didn't like that idea and bought her a daybed with a canopy attached but it didn't fit in the room-low ceilings-but we'd like to get the bifold closet doors and paint a castle mural on them carried onto the wall...
I like the 'tuscany' look, always have, so texture will be important on the walls in the kitchen and some stenciling for grapes etc. So I'm glad to know the stucco thing would work.

Thanks for the tips on it and it will be a bit till I actually paint but at least I can start pricing my needs...


janet 07-17-2002 03:56 PM


My hubby loved a color, kinda reminded me of a clay pot color but lighter shade...well we started to paint the bathroom...he loved it and I felt like a flock of Flamingoes were splattered in there!ROFLMAO I tried different technics to tone it down and I still hated if you hate Martha's vintage green, I would suggest you just repaint the room a color you are attracted to! ;-)

For your daughters princess room and low ceiling you could always attach material to the ceiling over the bed area and let it drape down to a lenght you like...kinda like a dust ruffle for the ceiling. You could use a lenght of narrow wood and cover with material and attach directly to the ceiling, unless you have electric cable in ceiling. Just an idea.

Good Luck with your projects.


Marchelle 07-18-2002 04:44 AM

That sounds like a good idea Janet...well they both are! lol BUT hubby says that he's not gonna waste more money to paint again...geesh it was 1 gallon of paint he said to pick more carefully next time. So he's given me a new dilemma...

He bought the house with the ex, they didnt do anything to it, she was hardly here. So a blank slate like I said but he bought some furniture and I didnt have squat! We still have the same stuff but have added the twin beds/daybeds in the girls' rooms, a friend gave a set of bdr furniture to one child and my mom sent one of my brother's old teen furniture (I figured I paint it) for the other...then this year mom decided to buy new stuff for my brother's rooms at home and she called and said come get your furniture---she wanted to give me a set of bdr stuff (king size bed also) but john didn't want it at that time so she gave the stuff to my gramma, it will be mine later on eventually. I had given/sold my bdr furniture from the ex/my marriage bc I needed the money to feed the girls then. Anyways she said come get it that she wasn't going to give the bed to gramma just the dressers, etc. So we picked up a king bed---we'd been sleeping on a double. And she gave me the dressers/queenbed back...and I guess he thought I had crap furniture bc when we got it he said this is really nice stuff...I said yea after 10 yrs of marraige it was the only thing that was really NICE. So I've got the big bed and the dressers from a diff set. I've got to make a headboard tho...the queen bed I was thinking of putting in one child's room witht he baby bed and making the two older ones share...then baby's room would also be guest room so the nursery can't be too "nursery"

lol I'm getting to the dilemma! Say I do the bdrs decorated per person that's no biggie but I'd like same carpet thru out the house so I was thinking a beigey type-resale value higher- but the main part of the house is a like a circle of rooms...Lvrm touches office and dining; office touches kitchen and lvrm, kitchen touches office and dining; and dining touches kitchen and lvrm...make sense? I hope so.....SO the problem...I've got to coordinate one room to the next but I'd like SOME contrast. So picking colors is a pain in the he HATES brown -dark wood and I love dark wood furniture and not the laminate stuff-he only likes blond we can't agree on flooring if we did wood floors. I suggested do pull a C. Lowe and stripe the floors light-dark wood and he said that would look stupid....I said no it wouldn't bc it doesn't in the showcase house lol...

sorry that was long...had to vent also...I'm about to paint the whole house taupe with beige carpeting and screw would make for renting/selling easier but I've STILL gotta live here for 3-4 yrs ! UGH!


janet 07-18-2002 07:51 AM


Neutral colors are great for resale value, just spruce up the place as best as you can.

When I first moved in here, I painted all the paneling a white color, it is only now, after 10 years I am looking at color and wood. haha

I painted my dining room a pastel green, very light (almost mint) and I have white trim. My dining set is dark wood, and it all looks great. I liked the color so much I painted my computer room area, its across from the dining room, no doors, the same and I have light wood there. It looks great!

I had to pull up all my carpeting due to allergies. Now I am replacing it will a wood type tile, all the same for all rooms except the bath and the bedroom still has carpet.(it will go soon) I wanted wood floors but too much money for me and I use cash only.

I redid my whole kitchen last year, I put up pine tongue and groove strips and left it natural, it looks like a light honey color and I have white lace valances for curtains and mini blinds when I need more privacy, or to keep the afternoon sun out to keep the house cooler.

Now all I have left is the 2 bedrooms, haven't decided what I want. I have been looking for a new bedroom set and everything is way too big for my tiny room. I am thinking of painting it a light robin egg blue color and I have 2 white brick walls in there...haven't figured it all out yet and I also need a new window! That is slowing up the process.

My sons room need a new window and it has an outside acess door that we want to get rid of. Alot of work in there. We loves a rustic room so we are going to put pine wood in there and run it sideways to give his room a log cabin look. He has pictures of wolves in frames on one wall. So we will stay with the woodsy look in there.

I browse thru alot of magazines I get from people who no longer wnat them and then I can tear out ideas I like and put them in a folder and see if I still like it when I am ready to start my next project.

Chat with you later,

Marchelle 07-18-2002 01:18 PM

we are paying cash as we go also...but I'm the type that wants to start getting supplies stocked up so then in a weekend or so I can makeover the room...I can wait b4 hand while getting ssupplies....not after lol my hubby said i want everything RIGHT NOW...that's not the case I jsut don't wnat to start again and then have to stop, i.e. the laundry room thing.

We've got an IKEA nearby so I was thinking of using that plank laminate type wood flooring...we couldn't afford real wood floors and I won't waste that money on THIS's actually a double wide mobile home...I told john after he said it will cost alot to fix up...demolish and bring a new mobile home on the site. I won't build a brick home here due to the neighbors houses look like crap and my house would then be worth zilch... so that's why I only want to make it nice enough that i like it here while waiting and nice enough to rent or sell...we will probably rent this out instead of selling...

I thought of painting our room gray or white walls, the wood furniture black to remind me less of the ex and then have black and white linens on the bed with our monogram in the middle of it...padded headboard with fabric draping down from ceiling with some kind of cornice type thing which would match window cornices...then color would be splashes of red here and there...idk...i still like my arabian nights theme room but that was a no go...probably too much stimulation for him LOL

Thansk for the great ideas...excuse the typing errors I have two kids screaming at the back of my head for the past 2 hours and Im trying to do some work for my husband...*sigh*


miracle 07-18-2002 01:49 PM

Try They have a message board to ask this question and also a forum for just this kind of thing.

vcudnik 07-20-2002 09:19 AM

I lived in an older mobile home with lots of paneling. It was horribly ugly stuff, but we did several things...

1. Wall paper liner. This goes up horizontally, which is really weird if you've hung paper before. But once it's try, it's perfect for hanging any paper you want.

2. Textured wall paper. They sell this at the big home centers. It's not cheap, but will totally change the look of the room. You can leave it white or paint it. It's rather thick and can be used to cover paneling, cinderblock or brick. It comes in a whole bunch of different textures. (This is what I used in the main part of the house and the bathroom.)

3. Grass cloth wall paper. This is expensive, but covers well.

4. Spackle & texture. Lots of work, but probably the cheapest solution. Big bucket of spackle, do a quick fill and sand of the grooves. Then rent (or borrow) a spackle "gun". Shoots up on the walls kinda like a machine gun, your hubby would probably LOVE helping with this--mine did. Lots of texture options here and it will hide the grooves. Then you're all ready for paint.

Oh, and try to get your hubby to help pick out paint--then he won't have room to complain if he doesn't like it. And sheesh, its only paint--it can always be painted over. :-P::

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