too much stuff?

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  • As I sit and glance around my home, I see too much everything! I love each and every piece of artwork on the walls. I love and use each piece of furniture. We have a lot of stuff..... how about you?
  • Yes! I am a packrat--I can't help it! We have a lot of stuff and little room so we are cluttered anyway.

    There are times when I wish that I could throw it all away and start over again. lol!
  • I have so much artwork I can't hang it all at once! I love art I can buy at thrift stores yard sales..... the paints great auntie painted for you that are nice but not your type. The most I have paid for a paining is $15. I love them!! Then there are my candles, kick knacks......... don't get me started on how much furnture we have. I mean really we have too much stuff..... about the time I plan to really sort things out, then my mind goes..... what if we move? Will we need it if I get a larger house, a sewing room a large master bedroom, a study? I am so silly.
  • I can understand where you are coming from. We also have way, way too much stuff. I just painted my living room in Jan and decided to remove all the art, bobbles and everything, put it in a bin in the back room and wait. It has been a real good thing! We so enjoyed the bareness! Now, we are ready to start putting things back, but I now know what I want and don't want. I will put all the other wonderful things in a bin and keep it!
    We also have too much furniture. I already have 2 couches in my LR and one in the back room, and one in my ds room, and 2 in the basement, and guess what? I am inheriting another one today! I don't know why I can't say NO. It must be a sickness. lol It drives my dh crazy and I really can see why, but I still can't stop. Maybe there is a group out there for us? lol
  • Afew years back we started to declutter as we were planning to emigrate to Australia. It was great. It ended up not going at that time and moved house instead. We 'upgraded' to a bigger house and as I now work in home-based daycare I have acquired much more! My DH is always saying I have too much. I try to follow 'Flyladys' plans for cleaning and decluttering and recently cleared out loads more via Freecycle.(tried to sell it but too much hassle and this way if someone wants it they come and get it) Our walls are bare having recently decorated but actually I like it!
    It takes a lot to get your state of mind to that of decluttering but I kinda like it now.
  • I am a packrat and have a hard time parting with anything! So much stuff!
  • I also have way too much stuff. Hate to throw out anything I might be able to use at a later date. Did manage to get rid of a lot last year though.
  • I can tell you for sure I need the declutter therapy! All the junk is very stressfull, but it is also HARD to get rid of stuff.
  • We too have way too much stuff. I come home take 1 look around & automatically feel stressed because there is clutter all over the place. Too much pictures on the wall, too much nick nacks.
    My husband is the pack rat & it drives me insane. I believe less is better. I don't believe people need so much stuff to live.
    At least once a year I do major cleaning & decluttering & we donate alot of stuff. That's how I get rid of stuff. If I don't use it for 6 months or have forgotten we have something then it's out.
  • Whew! I'm not the only one...LOL...I am a packrat as well and it drives my insane! I am 31 years old and still have letters from junior high...LOL...My apartment isn't horrible, but of course we have to pass inspections every so often, so I have no choice. But in my closets is a different story. I have boxes of stuff that I sooooo don't need. My living room walls have a little too much on them. I love the "simple look", but just can't resist a pretty picture to throw in when I see one. I'm a sucker for artsy and unique things. This is something I'm working on, although not too successful at this point.