too much stuff?

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  • Kathy's mood caught me! I have one closet gone through and a wardrobe. I talked to dh at noon, he is willing to ebay a model he has had for 25 years. He thinking about his coats too. Work gives him a coat for X years of service. Three of the coats are the same. Hum... we will see!
  • 3 sets of sheets for our bed but only 2 each for the boys, same for duvet covers, 1 to wash 1 to wear so to speak so I have no worries there.
    Towels I have 3 each for the 4 of us plus a few old ones that I use for water spills and mop ups and clean ups etc they are in the laundry/garage cupboard and get washed and replaced together with all the grease and grime.
    What I seem to collect is tea towels (dishtowels?) luckily they don't take up to much room in the drawer in the kitchen if they are folded right.

    Kathy is right I feel depressed if I look around and I see clutter I hate it.

    Everything has a place everything in it's place ..... most of the time LOL
  • I got three closets and my dresser decluttered today! Kitchen isn't done but I can do a little bit tonight.
  • Connie, good for you for getting so much done. You are way ahead of me! Dh has mentioned that we need to declutter our kitchen and he is so right.
  • Connie, you have been busy. I need to declutter my craft/home office room.
  • I need to catch the declutter bug too...Maybe it's a matter of reorganization as well.Too many seasonally used things hanging out where they shouldn't be...any why do I feel like I have to keep the phone books people keep leaving on my porch?How many phone books does a person need anyway?
  • R whole house has been decluttered, yea!!! We gave everything that we didn't need a few different types of shelters here in r area...
  • I decluttered our family room last week, got everything sitting on a large kitchen table. Can't believe how much craft stuff I collected. I have a friend who is thrilled about coming over with her pick up to pick it all up. Now on to the closets.
  • I am still working in the kitchen. Baby steps!
  • baby stepa r fine, lol...

    How in the world did I get so much stuff is what I was asking myslef the whole time I was cleaning...