Birdhouse theme

  • I am trying to decorate with birdhouses and sunflowers
    Does anyone have any ideas on how to mix the 2? I am doing this in my living room
  • I think the birdhouses and sunflowers will go great together! What colors will be involved?

    How about getting some wooden birdhouses, paint in the desired colors, glue on some moss, and some silk sunflowers, etc. A border with birdhouses or sunflowers, it could be up near the ceiling or chair rail height. . . or a sunflower garland around the top. A sunflower swag over any doorways--you could even take a eucalyptus swag and just hot glue on a small birdhouse in the center with raffia bow behind and some sunflower spray on each side of the swag. . . Straw hat decoration with sunflowers around and birdhouse craft ribbon for the bows (You could probably even make your own ribbon by cutting strips from fabric with birdhouses on it).

    Here is a wild idea--a picket fence and put up on one wall with sunflower garland on it or sunflower sprays stapled (?) to it, a straw hat hanging on it, a birdhouse on a post standing beside it, etc. It all depends on the style you want to portray, wall space, etc.

    These are just a few ideas I can think of right away. If I think of any more, I will let you know. Let us know how it turns out--post pictures if you are able! Sounds like fun! ;-)
  • Hi and thanks for the great ideas!! I have so many ways I think I want to decorate and then.....LOL. I will take pics and send em when I finally make up my feeble mind ha.
  • I totally understand! I have a thread going right now under "kitchen and dining room decoration" about "crackle painting kitchen cabinets and wallpapering over paneling". I am re-doing my tiny kitchen (only countertop is big enough for dish drain board--other than that it is the tops of my washer and dryer!), just wall and /or cabinet surfaces. I have come up with so many ideas--just crackle paint the cabinets. . .no, spatter paint the cabinets. . .leave the cabinets as is and paint the paneling, etc. etc. Today I just started in--I am starting to wallpaper over all the paneling in the kitchen, and then we will see about the cabinets after that. I am very pleased so far!

    Eventually you will come up with something that you are sure enough about to at least start, and you will be very pleased with the results!! I need to take pics of what I have done so far also, to post on my thread! I would love to see pics of yours when you finish, too! --Rebecca
  • Birdhouse theme
    I think you have a great idea! I love those unique birdhouses. I
    As far as decorating goes, what have you got so far? I may be able to come up with some more ideas....

  • Birdhouse valance holders
    I recently decorated one of my rooms using birdhouses, one of my favorite ideas was to use them to hold my valances.

    I took two birdhouses for each window and drilled large holes on either side. You will need a house style that the roof can be removed. I then screwed the houses to the corners of my windows. I passed the valance (one that I made from fabric I used to make pillows and table coverings with) through the holes and secured the roof. I used the same idea in my kitchen where I used tins instead of birdhouses. Its an inexpensive easy way to dress up windows.
    Good Luck
  • missime
    What a great Idea. We have a breezway that begged for something. one wall was Painted house siding, one block, and the other two with screen doors and windows with the horizonal pane that cranks out. I bought several different birdhouses from the Dollar store, Big Lots, Menards you get the picture. and put them on the siding wall. I included sitting, laying and stalking cats
    among the houses. and small colorful birds wired to the roof or perch of the house. I have been looking for something to do with the windows, and your idea sounds great. Thanks
  • I'm making my Mom a wreath with sunflowers on it. It's for spring/Easter.