How to affix cork board sheets?

  • I'm planning on covering the top of a metal file cabinet and the tops of 2 wooden stands with cork boards sheets. What should I use to affix it to the tops of these things?

    I'd prefer it if I could remove the cork board and replace it over time but if that's not possible, that's ok, I guess.

    Any suggestions?
  • We used contact cement, a glue that you glue on one side of the cork then one side of what you want it stuck to then push and let dry and set together.
    We did this with ds2 wardrobe door to make one bit corkboard for his posters etc worked great.
    Now to take this off hmmmm that would be a different problem we will probably have to get a new door, but it had a hole in it anyway and the cork covered that
  • I just saw an ad with an ottoman that had removable trays with curled sides. They were wood though. Maybe you could attach smaller pieces of cork board at an angle on the sides so it would fit snuggly on the surface but could still be removed.
  • I ended up looking at Michael's and found cork board with an adhesive backing to it. It was a little more expensive than the plain sheets but to me, it's just easier. I used a 40% coupon for both rolls so it wasn't too bad. I doubt that I will be able to remove it but I'll just have to live with that.

    Thanks for the ideas, ladies.
  • I'm glad you found something that worked and were able to save a little with a coupon too. If I ever need to do that I'll have to remember to check Michael's.