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ajrsmom 02-08-2003 10:09 PM

Bed Pillows
Does spending more money on so called "better quality" pillows ensure that they will last longer?

I havent been able to push myself to spend a lot of money on pillows but Im getting tired of spending $8.00-$10.00 on pillows only to have them go flat in a couple of months.

Do you own pillows that you really like/dislike? Please share your opinions with me.

Shawn 02-09-2003 12:57 AM

I used to buy the cheaper pillows and then I started buying ones that were more money. I did find that some of the more expensive ones do last longer and I use them all the time. Mind you I do not buy the real expensive ones but I do spend $20 per pillow.

ajrsmom 02-09-2003 11:50 AM

Hi Shawn :)

Do you wash these pillows? I havent tried this yet but I would think that the filling would break up inside the pillow.

Looks like Im going to go your route next time and give them a shot. Boy,I hate spending money on stuff like that.

Bettan 02-15-2003 02:56 PM

I bought some shredded foam and put in in pillowcases and sewed them up. Makes a great soft pillow. The store that I bought it from has quit selling in now. So I don't know where to get it anymore. I hate fiberfill pillows

meritage 02-15-2003 03:58 PM

I love down pillows, and there is a huge difference between the more expensive and less expensive ones. The cheap ones have down and use some feathers--so you can feel the very small quils. They lose their pouf within minutes of fluffing; however, my more expensive, real down higher fill power ones retain their shape much better. Absolutely worth the money, they last forever if you use a pillow cover on top of the pillow and under the pillowcase.

dxlifer 02-15-2003 04:10 PM

arrgghhh...i got so mad once i paid $40 each for pilows from sears...they were good for about a year. i still use them out of spite! i would love to hear of some really good ones. i'm scared to indulge again without some real guarantee.


bowlergrl2000 02-15-2003 04:31 PM

I would love an answer to that one too!!!!! I think I have tried every price range from every store and still havent found the "Perfect" pillow!!!!! I just started resorting to buying the $2.99 ones at Big Lots and replacing them about every other month! I cant use feather pillows at all, so thats out. But if anyone has a good one that actually lasted longer than 2 months, PLEASE let me know! Ill spend money on them if they are worth it, but Im so tired of them breaking down in 2 months time!

Thanks for any help, And, I am not a seamstress by any sort, so I can and will not do anything that I have to put together! That would be a disaster!!:-P::

ladylyn 02-15-2003 04:32 PM

Have you not heard about the TEMPUR (R) pillows? They are manufactured in Denmark By Fagerdala World Foams AB, Sweden. The number on mine is: =46(0)8571 452 00
I suppose that is a 'model' number. Other information on the tag is: Distributed by: TEMPUR-PEDIC, INC., 848 Nandino Blvd. Sute G, Lex, KY 40511.

I got it from my chiropractor, and have had it for about seven (7) years! I LOVE it! I have neck/back troubles, and this has been PERFECT for me! I paid about $60 for it, but they let me try out a sample model for a week before I purchased one, so I KNEW I'd like it. At the end of that week, it could have cost $100, for all I cared! LOL!! These pillows can be found on the Internet for $60 to $80, sometimes a little less, or check with your chiropractor or some place that specializes in bedding. WATCH OUT FOR LOOK-ALIKES (fakes!)... Make sure you get the 'genuine' thing, or you won't be happy!

I take it with me when I travel, and a friend I stayed with noticed and inquired about it. She ordered one for herself, and she absolutely LOVES it, too!

Something I especially love about this pillow is that it contours to my shape and holds up well, supporting firmly, but comfortably, then returns back to its original shape when you are not using it. One side is a little higher than the other, making the low side comfortable for laying on my back (with regular pillows under my knees), or the higher side for laying on my side. Also, this pillow does NOT make me sweat! :.

losflores 02-15-2003 04:38 PM

I throw my bed pillows and small throw pillows in the washer and dryer at least once every 4 to 5 weeks! Fluffs them up GREAT and they smell nice too!!
Just check the tag to make sure you have ones that can be washed...most can these days!

bowlergrl2000 02-15-2003 04:42 PM

Thank you, thank you ,thank you!!!! Sounds wonderful! Just what im looking for, and I have never heard of them. Have you ever seen them in a dept store, like the Bon? I will look into them now, thanks very much! Where do you live? Im in Washington state.

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