$100 bathroom makeover

  • I just had to share my makeover! I wish I had a digital camera to scan some pictures. My children are visiting their dad for 2 weeks and I decided to surprise them and makeover their bathroom. THis is the hall bath and the bath my 10yo ds and 8 yo dd share. So nothing too girl-y for my son would go over well. Let me preface this by saying I bought our home 2 years ago and have always hated it. I decided to quit fighting it and go with it.The rest of the house is pretty cottagey- and shabby chic. The bathroom is the original 1950's one ( have previously replaced the toilet, light fixture and vinyl when I moved in), but it has tile a little more than half way up the walls and surrounds almost the entire room. The tile is in good shape , but it is PINK and a small trim of GREY tile . but mostly PINK! The room has probably 70's floral wallpaper in there with panels of pink and blue-ish grey flowers. So I decided to just go with a funky retro look and make the most of the PINK tile.

    Here's what I did-
    1.Primed the wallpaper- I know I'm not supposed to paint over it, but I just know they didn't prep the wall and if I took it down I might be replacing sheetrock.($8)
    2. Two coats of grey paint on the walls and ceiling. I read that in a small room if you paint the same color it doesn't break the line and makes the ceiling look higher. I found this is true.($18)
    3. I bought a stamp of a swirl, or curlique (there were three sizes in the pack), and some silver paint and randomly stamped swirls on the walls and ceiling.($6)
    4. Bought a sunburst shaped decorative mirror (in metallic silver) at TJ Maxx for the wall as you enter the room.($13.50)
    5. Used an old window frame I found by the side of the road last week for an art project. Cleaned it up and found 6 pictures of my kids when they were little and in the bathroom ( I have a couple of potty chair pics, tub and bubbles and one of the two of them when they were about 2 and 3 and dragged their little chairs into the bathroom, pulled out all the laundry , and climbed in the hamper) I adhered the pictures to one side of the frame with clear contact paper, used some picture hanging eyes and wire to the frame and hung it on the wall over the toilet. The frame was white on one side and grey on the other, so the grey side is showing.($5 for contact paper with a ton left over)
    6. I bought a plain white shower curtain and more silver fabric paint to make my own shower curtain, but I went to Target for something else and found- a ready made white shower curtain with silver swirlies on it! So I went with that. I used new chrome ball shower hooks for it. I did find swirly shower hooks at Linens and things, but couldn't make myself pay $15 for them.($26)
    7. I did find some nice quality grey towels at Linen and things and since they were 75% off,I got all they had in that color- 4 bath and 2 washclothes. I still need some hand towels, but I 'll keep looking.($18)
    8. I still have to finish my curtain "ornaments" for the shower curtain. They are made with wire and beads and hang from each shower hook. ( I had all the supplies for this)
    9. I will have to spend $5-10 more maybe for the window treatment. I found a cool window scarf at LInen's and things that would work, but it was 6 yards long, and $50! I didn't need all that fabric and it was toooo much money, so I plan to hit the small linen store near my house (plej's) for a cheap sheer pink panel that I can stamp myself and just knot at the window and maybe use some more beads to embellish it.

    This project has been a real challenge for me, as it is usually not my style, but I think it looks fun and funky and I am almost positive there is not another bathroom like mine anywhere! Can't wait for my kids to see it.
  • TarainNC...your makeover sounds fabulously FRUGAL! I wish we could see it too! I love the idea about the window and the kids pics! Way to GO! I have an old window I have been wanting to do something with but haven't found any great ideas until now....I think I will do some pics of my kids on mine and hang it on a wall! Thanks for sharing your project with us!
  • TarainNC, I love your bathroom idea. My house is about 15 years old and I think the towel bars were too! The kids were pretty hard on them and all of them broke within a few months of moving in here.

    I took them ALL OUT and put a wire coated one on the back of the door (leftover from apartment living, glad I kept it). That left holes in the wall from molly bolts. The walls are papered, so it would have been a major project to fix that up. Instead, I strategially hung six photo frames and one inspirational picture in bathroom to cover the holes.

    I hung five across the big wall. The photo frames each have two or three photos of the kids and their friends. One of the lower set of holes on the big wall is covered with a smaller inspirational picture. (He who give to me, teaches me to give). The second lower hole isn't really covered, but the shower curtain kind of hides it. If we ever want to put towel bars back up, they'll be easy to attach! We get lots of compliments about the 'kids' bathroom.

    The other towel bar was on the wall with the light swtich. I put two verticle frames with three kid photos each over there to cover those. When we have company, I put guest towels out on the counter.