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barbszy 06-04-2005 08:56 AM

Bath Towel Storage
DH and I each have a bath towel hanging in the bathroom. We also have a hanger for the hand towel.
The kids each have a set of peg in their rooms for towel, robe, belt.
We've been finding, though, that they always forget to take their towels into the bathroom before showering. Then they take a new towel
I wash towels at least twice a week and don't see a good reason for a fresh towel for each shower.
Right now in our small bathroom we have one towel peg (mine), one hand-towel hanger, and one towel bar (DH's).
I'm trying to figure out a way to get everyone's bath towel into the bathroom without it feeling too crowded & cluttered. This is a skinny room with 2 entry doors, so there's not a whole lot of wall space. And if the towels are too close together they won't dry between showers.

katiedid 06-11-2005 09:22 AM

How about one of those towel racks you can hang on the back of the bathroom door? We had one for awhile & it worked out good (as long as the girls remembered to hang up their towels in the first place instead of just dumping them on the bedroom floor where they stayed until they got smelly :( ). Kathy

Candy 06-11-2005 10:45 AM

^^ Over the door rack was my idea also or door pegs on the door if it is a sturdy enough door for pegs. I don't know if you have enough room for a coat tree cause that would work to or one made for towels...this looks more messy than the pegs or door rack though. I have seen towel trees with rings on them for the towels that look pretty nice. I have towel racks on the wall behind my tub and the curtian hides it if I choose...the problem with this is ,they must be moved to shower but tub baths are fine.

mumtomany 06-11-2005 11:21 AM

We only have one small towel each hanging in the bathroom. They are only very small for handwashing after the toilet.
Everybody, including me, keeps their own towels in their bedroom.
Spare towels are in a cupboard in my bedroom so are not really handier. (I put a lock on the cupboard door until everyone got used to using their own towels).
Toiletries are kept in their own little basket in their own rooms. They take the whole basket and their towels with them and return the whole lot to their bedroom afterwards. I put a hook over the top of their radiators so that if they hang them up they will have a warm towel for next time:bouncer:

ditzy46 06-11-2005 04:50 PM

I bought a few over the door racks for my bedroom and bathroom so I can hang my towel and my husbands towel on..I use them for our work uniforms also..I paid only a $1.oo for them. They work well for kids raincoats and umbrellas too.
Happy hanging

Candy 06-11-2005 04:56 PM

^^ mumtomanyI like your idea...I think that after the initial shock of the system wore off they would like the baskets and the tolitries...grabing their towel would get easier if they had to go back to there bedroom after it a few times!LOL

dlj5752 06-12-2005 08:01 PM

I MUST be living in a dream world! There is a good reason there is not too many towel racks in the bathroom. Towels were meant to be used once, then put in a hamper to be washed.
I could understand it if we were still living in the times of washboards and boiling pots and it was a hardship to wash laundry.
Call me a crazy southerner. When I take a shower, dry off my "clean" body, I still don't want a towel who has touched the most intimate parts of the body drying my face off the next day.

Candy 06-12-2005 08:56 PM

^^ dlj5752 , Some people have very good reasons for conserving on use of towels.Maybe they have water shortages and conserve by using a clean towel on clean body parts to dry and using it again on CLEAN body parts. I do not personally like to use the same towel for face and body but I have because of water shortage and/or too many people in the house as well as trying to have time to do something beside laundry. We had 11 people here for about 20 years ,that's a load of towels and washcloths everyday. At the time I was already doing 2 loads of laundry a day without the towels. Then on the weekends I had towels ,bedding and any curtians etc I was going to do to catch up on. To each there own and athough I no longer do this no one has ever died from it and we were always very clean people. I also have a boarding home and our clients have to have one handtowel per week for there hands after bathroom visits etc..imagine the amount of germs that towel carries if you abide by that state rule and don't give them more each week. Yuck!LOL They do get a bath towel for baths also.
I don't know ...I think there is probably a lot of controvercy about this. Thanks for your input.

barbszy 06-13-2005 02:33 AM

Well, I guess this is where we all agree to disagree! :goof:

I keep a hand towel in the bathroom for use when hand-washing is needed (after toilet, after craft projects, before meals) and that is changed DAILY. And if it's especially grungy, more than daily. 3 kids, summer vacation, you know how it goes. ROFLMAO

In my house the bath towels get hung up and used twice or maybe 3 times before getting changed out. I do the towel laundry load about 3 times a week.

The other day at my brother's I saw a cool rack they had, shelf on top and about 6 pegs under the shelf. It would be perfect. I'll have to ask SIL where she got it.

mumtomany 06-13-2005 02:44 PM

sorry, I should explain. We never wash our faces in the bath. faces and hair are washed at the sink.
We use one smallish towel for hairwashing, one bath towel for the body, one small towel for faces and one small one for handwashing.
The small towels I buy from Cost-co and are sold for cleaning cars etc. They are about 12" square so we use lots of them as you could put about 20 of them in one wash load. They are made of lovely white cotton towelling.
We also have one flannel each (I think you call them washcloths) for washing the private parts and one for the rest of the body.
I also teach the children to dry themselves off with the flannel while they are standing in the bath then the bathtowels do not get very wet.
This is the way our family use towels and it has worked well for many years.
Everyone is different. My brothers family use 3 large towels each and then throw them in the wash, but there are only three of them. A large family would find that difficult to keep up with.

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