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  • I have two different scenarios that I do. First, I don't have kids or a hubby that use up all the towels. So, when it's just me I have two bath towels. One is for my hair and face (I have thick hair and it holds a lot of water!). The other is to dry my body. I have two shower rods in my tub/shower area. One is about 2" from the wall. I hang the towels there to dry. After two or three uses, I get new towels. The other rod holds my shower curtain. The second scenario is when I have my nieces and nephews over night -- there are 8 of them! I have taught them to either hang their towels on the rod, or they can take them into the bedroom to hang and dry to use the next day. They all know not to drop them into the laundry shoot because the dampness will make everything else musty smelling. I don't have enough towels for everyone to use a clean towel every day. Plus, I don't have the time to spend on doing so much laundry, nor do I want to! I figure after a person takes a bath, they should be clean and so are the towels. Like it was mentioned earlier, no one has ever gotten sick or died from this.
  • clean towels everytime !

    I have to agree about using towels once and washing. I used to think it was best to use a couple of times too, however, upon reading books on cleanliness and germs, it did state that although you are "clean" from your bath or shower, when you dry your skin, flakes of your "dead" skin are on the towel you used,(not to mention as was stated use on private parts), and we all know what happens to dead skin cells that are laying around. I have a hamper in my bathroom just for towels, when it is full, I wash them. I always hang wash cloths on the side of it, when I walk by and they are dry, I throw them in. Towels we hang over tub on shower rail and when dry, whamo in hamper. Yes there is a water shortage and things like that, but you wouldn't wear your underwear more than once for that would you. Try sacrificing something else for conservation. Like turning off water when brushing sink.
  • Hi, You could buy one of the towel racks that attaches to the door hinges. They are very nice and don't take up much space. Loretta
  • I was talking to my husband about this "flaming towel" thread and he had an interesting bit to add.
    He's been in the paramedic business a good portion of his life, so I think he knows a bit about health and hygiene. His remarks after my telling him about the dead skin cell post was:
    "You lose dead skin cells in bed every day. Pillows, flat and fitted sheets, even blankets will have these cells. If that woman holds true to her towel washing, then she must also wash her entire bedding EVERY day to be rid of dead skin cells."

    Also, adding my own thoughts, I'm sure if there were any intimate moments in the bed, holding true to this "dead skin cell attracting things" theory, the bedding would have to be immediately washed as well.

    Are we all getting a little obsessive with this towel thread?!

    Sorry about the icons, they just seemed to fit!
  • We all fight our battle of the germs in our own ways. Some people use hand sanitizers some don't. Some use bleach to clean house some don't. I am not fanatical about my towels. I have used them more than once sometimes. I was commenting with "my humble opinion" that to use a towel on a continous basis because your body is "clean" might not be true. I don't have to be a paramedic to state an opinion. And by the way, I knew a paramedic that was best friends with every germ possible if you judged by his housekeeping skills, so I don't think that alone makes you an authority on germ free living. Anyhow, it is kind of funny how it going down, we all, do it our own way. By the way, I don't wash my sheets every day, but it wouldn't be a bad thing, I love getting into nice clean sheets.
    Sorry to be defensive but I think you struck a cord in me like I was a couple cards short of a deck.
    Anyhow, those creepy dead cells being eaten by micro bugs is gross anyway you think of it .............
  • LdyLopes,

    We don't attack people on these boards. That is the biggest reason this group is so popular. These are kind, reasonable people with respectful opinions.

    I certainly did not insinuate your intellect being a few cards short, those are your words. I simply added a different facet to the discussion. It was neither aggressive, nor rude.

    Your words about knowing a paramedic had nothing to do with this discussion, you were taking a cheap shot at my husband. I'd be asking myself what kind of person hangs out with someone who knows germs so well? Are you trying to stereotype all professions? Again, it was cheap and rude.

    This was a fun thread with various opinions and the reasons behind them, it wasn't a judgement session, it was a look at the glass from top, bottom, upside down and out.

    I've been here since 2002 and although my life does not allow me to post much, I love the people here. I notice you are new, and I certainly hope you don't continue to attack other people on the board who "strike a chord" with you.
  • I was not attacking you. I perceived you were attacking me actually. I tried to defend myself and do so with a little humor. As far as your husband is concerned, I was not attacking him actually he is in a very honorable profession and I would never do that. I only brought it up because you used him in your reply, " I think he knows a thing or two about germs" and " she would have to wash her sheets every day if she felt that way". I actually am not new to these boards. Have been reading and getting the newsletter for years. I just had never posted . I have been online for ten years and I know how to talk, post and write. I am not a bad person and I did not think that answering in defense would make me some sort of leper. And once again, I really am perceiving that you are attacking me.
    In either case, lets just agree to disagree and get along. ,
    Getting out my referree's whistle here:


    This thread has veered so far off topic that I really need to rein it in, and we are in danger of becoming unkind to each other--and that's not what we're about at Family Corner.

    I asked for a storage solution. This is the Home Decorating & Repair forum. If I wanted to discuss the best method/frequency of washing towels I would have started a discussion in the Cleaning Tips thread. Soooooooo....if you have any suggestions for my storage issue, please share them here. The discussion about laundering towels/sheets, and germs, etc. is OVER, before someone gets hurt.

    Thanks to all of you who answered the question I was asking.
  • This thread has been submitted to me for review.

    Barbszy is absolutely right, the posts here have veered way off of the subject. If it cannot find its way back to the original subject, it will be closed.

    We will not tolerate verbal bashing of any kind on these message boards. When "you" joined these boards, you agreed to abide by the rules. Everyone has their own opinions but if we cannot share them in a tolerable manner, please do not share them at all.

    If anyone has any questions on this matter, please contact me.

    Thanks for your understanding

  • barbszy , ajrsmom. thank you both for putting a stop to this im glad we have such great mods.