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Goria 08-18-2003 04:29 PM

Basement walls - stucco? finishing technique?
ok - the basement is totally cleaned out and looks great - a blank canvas ready to go. Now - what to do with the concrete walls? They have the ridges because it is a poured concrete basement - so my question is this - can you apply stucco to level them out and the paint a light color - ending up with walls with texture ? I like the 'old world' look and would like to somehow do that instead of boring gypsum or wood finish?

Lisa Berry 12-31-2009 06:46 AM

:brrrrrrrr We built a basement bedroom for our 3 boys. We glued ridgid insulation to floors n walls between firring strips concrete nailed into floors n walls then covered floor w marine plywood(stands up to 3 bous lol) painted w boat deck paint/stain. The walls we put wainscotting panels up (white to keep it bright) on 2 outside walls then on 2x4 pressure treated inside walls we put up T11 siding so they could hang stuff and still be solid. I would have preferred wallboard w plaster over it but it wasnt practical for us. I think insulation is critical to keep cold feeling out n heat in.:snowing:

ezlivinginvt 07-09-2010 09:37 AM

you forgot to mention the ages of your children. That would change what your suggestions may come in as. Ex. When my children were younger, I wall muraled a scene from their favorite book "Pooh went over the treetops" on to the wall. Then had a huge play room in the basement. As they have gotten older, we converted it into a rec room with a western flair. We decorated it in our horse's memory w/his bridle, sepia prints of shots taken w/the kids and he as they grew, along w/ a matted story my son had entered into a contest when he was younger, titled "The horse & his boy". We got a fooseball table, large screen tv and rustic furniture. The walls I painted tan and I painted the bottom woodgrain to simulate wanescoating/barn boards.

I also had the idea to put lattice on the ceiling to hide the ceiling joists. In the lattice I was going to tuck silk ivy vines. On the walls I wanted to stencil a garden, then our horse past away and the other theme just popped into my mind and seemed appropriate.

If you live in a cold climate be careful covering pipe areas that are on exterior walls. Atleast put a vent to the pipes so that the warm air can go up to the pipes. I'm speaking from experience!

Have fun decorating!


ezlivinginvt 07-09-2010 09:40 AM

oh yeah, I forgot to mention, They make a cement paint and it comes in a few different colors. We painted the floor. There is a cool tool that you run threw the paint, scraping it off and w/rocking it leaves a cool woodgrain pattern. We did it on the walls in our western look. You can do this on the floor as well and it would look like hardwood floors.


KSJEn6891 07-09-2010 11:48 AM

Decorating a basement
What did you end up doing with your basement:??: I'm certain that what ever idea(s) you decided on where :tuppp: .... anyone who is down there would feel :welcome2:d, and not :bored:. Maybe you decided to put up wood panelings so other things would hang better or connect to a built in Pantry - similar to the ones my parents built back in the 1900's (actually mid 70's to early 80's).

Back then we didn't have :cofpc:'s, so they made sure we had our own :sleeeeeeP's (1 Bdrm ea, + 1/2 bdrm was playroom), and an open space for the whole family to enjoy :bday3: , :party:, :jumppp:, :dancin:, & :guitar:!

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