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  • Hiwhat a great idea for a forum I am an assistant director at a large daycare/preschool and I am always looking for new ideas to pass on to our employees If I find new and cute ones I will post them here!
    Can you share some different crafts that kids can make?
    When I did my intern at college for child development, we had to have several crafts for the kids to make.......if you have any projects to share.

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  • crafts
    sure thing jennifer i will email you and same with you ok, could you post them here?
    Thanks IB
  • children's ages
    Jennifer, what age child are you talking about? Also, do the children need to make the craft completely by themselves?Let us know and I will sure go through all my stuff too.
  • what ahe
    Any age forthe crafts. crafts for YOUNG kids And Older ones. When I find my Paper I will email you the poem. It is baby's first hand prints/ with a poem.

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  • Good idea
    I agree, this is a good idea for a forum, but it seems pretty quiet here... I am in Illinois and I am a licensed provider for inhome care. I am licensed to care for 4 kids. I am looking for preschool age or infant. Right now, I have no kids in my care because I haven't advertised or anything yet.
  • Hi, everyone! I am a forum assistant for a forum specifically for (home) childcare providers. We are the Canadian Childcare Forum but have many proivders from other areas. We share theme ideas, lesson plans, craft ideas, etc.
    If you are interested in hearing more please email me at [email protected]

    As for craft ideas, I usually look at the age of the children and what supplies I already have on hand and go from there.

    The request is rather vague to answer, I think. When you say little children, do you mean 1-2 year olds, 3-4 year olds or 5-6 year olds? Are you going for specific themes or just about anything?

    You might conisder doing a search online for "kid craft" and see what pops up! You might be surprised at how many sites have crafts for children!
  • I am a daycare provider...we've done lots of things...but here are a couple of things. These mostly involve mealtime or snacktime.

    On Dr. Seuss's birthday, we had green eggs and ham (scrambled eggs with green food coloring added) for breakfast and read Dr. Seuss books and did coloring pages.

    On Easter, we took graham cracker squares, they frosted them with green frost...sprinkled green sugar and pushed in colored jelly bean eggs into the frost before devouring!

    During Mardi Gras season, we did Mardi Gras coloring pages, made noise makers from paper plates and beans, colored and wore masks, had a parade...and make mini King Cakes from biscuit dough.

    For Mothers Day and Christmas, we have made pancake mix for the moms and other mixes.

    At Christmas, we make and decorate christmas cookies. We made a pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving.

    During the summer we play in the water and make blue jello with gummi fish poked inside.

    Before the childrens birthday, the other children color and decorate birthday cards or a banner for the birthday child. We do a mini party with cake, cookies or jello desserts.

    We matted something for the moms that had their hand prints on it with a poem about how fast children grow up. One mom cried, she was so touched.

    At Halloween everyone wears their costume...I put out all my pumpkins lit scarey music, turn the lights down...and have halloween treats (green beverage is a must!).

    I've let them decorate cakes for different holidays. We exchange mini gifts at Christmas.

    We make Christmas ornaments. One year we made construction paper angels and glued an actual picture of their face where the angel face area was. Another year we cut their handprints from bakeable dough...baked and sprayed the hands...had punched a hole before baking for a ribbon to be tied christmas ornaments.

    We found some fine art color pages and everyone colored them....exposing them to Picasso and other artists. We play different music...I like to expose them to classical.

    We attach baby receiving blankets on the shoulders of their shirts and let them be "super heros" (the boys, that is).

    We love to catch different activities at the local library...story tellers...musicians...etc.
    We usually have at least one lunch/play time at McDonalds every year (I have the parents pay for $2.00 of the meal).

    We put on body tattoos occassionally...on the top of their hand...appropriate for children! The little girls love to make "hair-dos" and wear my shoes!

  • One thing that I really enjoy is teaching the children some basic signs (American Sign Language). My children go to a daycare that I worked at doing that some during the summer. I am a certified interpreter but the public libraries are filled with great books that have wonderful pictures. I suggest starting with infant classes and doing lots of repitition but making it fun during play time or sing and do a sign (ball, hot, milk) they will pick it up.
    With older kids around 2 you can get objects and have ask what they are, then get excited and say "yes that is right, that is a ball!!", for example and then sign ball. Ask them to pat the ball and sign ball,etc....lots of praise and excitement. I used several objects that they played with (cars, bears-act out the animal while signing it). With 3 & 4's you can have them pick out their favorite animals and teach them those. Or pick some signs from a theme or unit. Also, with 4's and 5's you can do colors and then not only work on teaching them to sign, but to read the signs (do this will all ages really but older kids are REALLY fun with this), so you could make it a game and for following up on the lesson, pair them up and sign a color and they have to go to a certain area of the room and find something with that color, see which team wins. Or with numbers sign a number and have them find a certain number of a certain color of things. Sorry this is so long, but it is great for children and they love it. If you have any questions,e-mail me

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  • ideas
    I did childcare for awhile too but then gave it up due to parents taking advantage of me (picking up the kids late)
    I teach and work with special ed kids and love it Here some ideas:

    paint rocks
    spin art we used a salad spinner or old record player
    ocean in a bag- water sand shells

    draw the kids head on black paper and cut out from a projector
    life size people of the kids-have them lay on white butcher paper and outline the whole body and decorate and cut out we had these all over the room some holding hands cute

    I also teach art in my child special ed class as an Art Docent