Crock Pot file - lots of recipes

  • A friend of mine shared this some months ago on our old board softwaqre. So I am moving it over here. You can download this file and it will open in Word. Enjoy!

    "I have a huge file of crock pot recipes that I would love to share. I posted this offer a while ago, so I thought I'd mention it again."
  • Tips for the Slow Cooker
    I found this at Allrecipes and thought it might help some one else!

    *** Quick Tips for Slow Cookers
    Here are some hints for getting premium results from your slow cooker
    every time!

    * Convert your favorites! You can adapt many conventional recipes for the
    slow cooker! Any oven or stovetop recipe that has some moisture in it -
    from water, broth, wine, sauce, canned soup, etc., should work beautifully
    in your favorite appliance. As a rule, you should cut all liquid amounts
    in half when adjusting for the slow cooker. The low heat setting is
    approximately 200 degrees F (95 degrees C) and high heat is about 300
    degrees F (150 degrees C). For every hour you'd cook something in the
    oven or on the stove, allow 8 hours on low or 4 hours on high. (When in
    doubt, turn it on low and leave it all day or overnight.)

    * Meat Matters. While you can cook just about any kind of meat in the slow
    cooker, some are more ideal candidates than others. Chicken on the bone,
    as well as cheaper, tougher cuts of beef, pork and lamb will turn
    succulent and fork-tender under the gentle, moist heat of the slow cooker.
    For maximum flavor and a more appetizing color in the finished product,
    remove skin from poultry and trim visible fat from all meats, then coat
    meat lightly in flour and brown in a hot skillet before adding to slow

    * The Finishing Touches. As your dish nears the end of its cooking time,
    it's time to add the finishing touches. If there seems to be too much
    liquid, remove the lid and turn the pot up to high, allowing some of the
    water to cook out. If you'd like to thicken or enrich the sauce, now is
    the time to stir in cream, sour cream, shredded cheese, or a slurry of
    cornstarch and cool liquid. Brighten up the flavors with salt and pepper,
    lemon juice or vinegar, and maybe a handful of fresh chopped parsley,
    basil or cilantro.
  • Crock Pot Chicken Parisienne
    I wanted to thank you for adding that huge file! I downloaded it a few weeks ago and decided to try the chicken parisienne - but ended up cooking it on the stove. It took me more time in the kitchen than if I had done it in the crockpot, but still turned out delicious!

    Thank you!
  • You are very welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  • I went on a crockpot recipe searching binge this weekend and imagine my surprise when this thread popped up on the new posts!! I can't wait to try some of these!!
  • The pork chop recipe in that file- the one with the sage and cream of mushroom soup, where you brown the chops before you put them in the pot- is one of my favorites. The meat is so tender and it tastes soooo good.
  • wow thank you for the great file i work 12 hour night shifts and am desperate for a way to feed my family and get some sleep at the same time again thank you ps this is why i have not beenable to come on line for some time please forgive
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    I cannot live without my crockpot. In the summer, my RV gets so hot that cooking in the RV is impossible. So, it's either grilling outside or using the crockpot. Plus, my schedule is so hectic that the crockpot makes my life simple. I throw everything in and then leave for work/school. I come home and dinner is ready.
  • Oh it's the right time of the year for those winter warmer croc pot recipes, Yum!