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  • Hello!

    I have asked this question is a different forum, and now I thought I would try it here!

    I am pregnant, due January 6th! I am planning our meals for then! I have no family in my state, but my mother MAY come to help after the baby's born (my stepfather has health problems) and my mother-in-law will come after my mother comes.

    I plan on freezing some meals beforehand. IF my mother comes, I thought she could do the same with my favorite meals. And when my mother-in-law comes, she can do the same!

    But, I do love to cook! So, depending on how this second child affects our lives, I am interested in using my crock pot more.

    Later today, I plan to look more at the discussions in this forum, but if you have any ideas, please suggest them!


  • I have just started using my cp and I have found some great sites that may help.

    Best of luck.
  • Hi:
    I love my crockpot. Here are a few crockpot sites. I like the one on southernfood, although it is not all southernfood. It has over 1,200 recipes for the crockpot appetizers, main dishes, desserts.

    Recipe site with over 1,200 crockpot recipes:
  • Hi!

    Thanks for the web sites! I have checked them all out and collecting recipes.

    I appreciate your help!

  • Hi,
    First, congratulations!
    Now, on to the other stuff. I am a member of something called menu-mailer. Every Wed. in my emails I get a menu for 5 days including a shopping list. One of these is almost always a crock pot recipe. The menus are flexible and fairly healthy. I don't always use every recipe but it's nice to have around. Just a thought.
  • Jen,
    Hi! Congrats! I'm expecting also, my baby is due Nov 26th, and we know we're having another boy! This will also be our second child. This is a great thread, as I am interested in doing the same thing! My mother had suggested when I was pregnant with my 1st child to make up some dinners, and even some cookies, brownies etc. so that after the baby comes when we have company over I would have snacks to offer! Although my 1st baby arrived a month early and I had only went on maternity leave less than a week before he arrived! So I never got around to it!! I'm so glad to be a SAHM now!
    So what part of Jersey to do you live in now?! We're in South Jersey, and I have lived here my entire life!

    Anyway. . . I will be trying out some of these websites too!
  • Also try Has some great crockpot stuff.
  • Amy:

    I am near Toms River! Where are you?

  • Robin, can you post the URL or email address for this menu-mailer? It sounds very interesting and I'd like to take a look at it. :-)

  • Hi,
    I'd be happy to share. should get you all the info you need.