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  • vegies and meat in the crock pot
    My slow cooker cook book also says " Because they cook more slowly than meats, generally place fresh vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, celery and onions, in the bottom and around the sides of the slow cooker then place meat on top."
    Slow cookers are notoriously slow when cooking vegies and smaller pieces cook faster.


    2 TO 2 1/2 lb. boneless beef roast
    1 envelopr dry onion soup mix
    10 3/4 oz. can cream of mushroom soup

    1. Place roast in slow cooker, Sprinkle with the dry soup mix. Top with mushroom soup.

    2. Cover. Cook on High 1 hour and then on low 8 hrs., or until meat is tender.

    Add cubed potatoes and sliced carrots before adding beef. Proceed with directions above.

    Hope this is of some help

  • I don't think I added any water, but not real sure l it was a good size roast. just big enough fo fill my 6 qrt crockpot. I'll get the recipe and have it Monday........ no computer at home

  • Annette & jeanie--

    Thanks for your suggestions. As I said before, the onion soup mix sounds good, but learned I will have to cut the veggies in smaller pieces than I did once before--but not TOO small, possibly, but not TOO small, hm?

  • OOPS!--Sorry about the doubling of that one part. The yellow box leaps ahead so fast, I had to return to that part, and when I didn't see it there, re-wrote it. Then didn't know it was on twice until I reviewed the post. --Doesn't anyone else have that problem??
  • Blondie
    I don't cut mine too small, cause I cook my roast until it just falls apart and the veggies tend to get a little mushy if the veggies are too small.

    I made one roast where I didn't want veggies, well i had planned to make shredded bbq beef, but opted a different waay later.... anyway,

    I sliced a large onion, placed on bottom, then placed the roast on top. No water... When the roast was done the juices looked so good that I made a flour and water thickener and added it to the juice to make a wonderful roast gravy...after I removed the roast. Added some salt and pepper. Let it cook til thickened..... Man , it was soooooooooo good

    I made another one just like the onion soup mix and added brown gravy mix also... IF I added water it was only a small amount 1/4 cup maybe. The juices from the meat plus the steam is just about all you need, I have found. It was good but a little to salty for me.

    I have been collecting crockpot recipes the last couple of months, so I am anxious to try the ALL!!
  • Brisket in Crockpot
    OH MY!! Shelly, we ate the brisket with grape jelly recipe last night & it was fantastic! I recommend everybody try that one.
    Who first thought to put grape jelly with onion soup mix & pepper? An odd combination that works. Now I'll be watching for brisket to go on sale again!
  • my sister-in-law made either meatballs or little smokies, in the crock, using grape jelly... it was wonderful

    Do ya think I could sub a roast for the brisket?
  • That's funny. I was just commenting to my sister the other day that our Dad simmered either meatballs or lil' smokie in apple butter & they were good too. I bet you could sub the roast for the brisket, but I'm not the expert. That was only the third time I have cooked anything except beans in the crock pot.
  • MKS
    0h, I love apple butter!!
    Do you know the recipe??
  • MKS:

    Glad you liked the brisket. I have to admit it is one of my favorites. I saw a brisket the other day at Sam's Club for $1.69/pound. I was in shock. The price at Wal-Mart is whole lot cheaper ($0.87 to $0.99/pound). The last time I found one for $.87/pound I bought the biggest they had and then had three-double meals in my freezer.

    I've heard of the meatballs and smokies with grape jelly too, but it's made with something else too isn't it? Barbecue sauce or something like that I think. I would like to know that recipe myself as my hubby like those little smokies.

    I would assume you could use a roast in substitution for the brisket, but it will be different in some respects because it's a different cut of beef. But if you're like me - beef is beef.

    I like stewed tomatoes over my roasts in the crockpot. Hubby likes this dish too especially when I use homemade stewed tomatoes.

    Hope you all have a great weekend. I'm off for an overnight leadership retreat with my hubby with our church. Enjoy everyone!!