Patterns for Fruit & Vegetables Needed

  • I'm going to make some fruits and vegetables (sewn from felt and other fabrics) for my daughters preschool (for the children to use in their kitchen/cooking play), and was wondering if anyone can direct me to websites that offer free patterns to make various fruits and vegetables. So far I have a patten for carrots and strawberries. I have done some web searches, but without much success.

    Hoping anyone can help me

  • Thanks for those Shawn, much appreciated.

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    Raggedymom: I don't know of any sites but you can make grapes by cutting circles, gathering them, stuff them with polyfil, draw up the thread and walah! Bananas: cut out four strips in the curve of a banana, sew the strips together, stuff and there you are. Hope this helps.
  • Hi There;

    I don't have any patterns - but i spent 12 years in daycare/childcare industry.... i found the best 'patterns' for felt cut-outs etc were pictures from colouring books.. they have great simple line drawings of all sorts of subjects.... the heavy black outlines are easy to copy and cut out for tracing... and the subject matter is endless!... plus they are already geared for kids... -- and to make it even more fun - the kids can help cut out their favourite veggies etc with kid scissors... (as the the simple shapes are easy for them...) -- a child involved from the beginning is a child who stays interested to the end..

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    try they have worksheets there. also try coloring pages. i have found alot i've printed out and used as patterns.
  • Thanks everyone! Some great ideas here, I am going to try the grapes tonight and bananas over the coming weekend when time permits.

  • How did the play food go?