sweet gum balls

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  • I have a Christmas ornament that I assume is made out of the sweet gumballs you are talking about (I had never heard the name of those balls, but your description sounds exactly like what this ornament is made of). I did not make it myself, but it sure looks easy enough. You take 2 of the balls, paint them white, and glue them together one on top of the other. This is the body for your snowman, then your creativity can rule. Add small narrow piece of material around "neck" (where 2 balls are glued together) for a scarf, google eyes, and orange painted toothpick tip for nose. The ornament I have is topped with a black top hat made of felt--
    Hope this helps you out!
  • My mom bought some sing angels made from them , add a hull of acorn on the top & paint a face, then you hot glue it & sting on the back , you now have a Christmas ornament, they sold in OKC for $1.00. each,you could make any kind of little of ornaments they look so cute. Hope This helps, GBWY!