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mrsmail 01-28-2003 06:29 AM

Help...I need this fabric!!
:( Help!!!!! I need about 2 1/2 yards of fabric. It is called Snowy Season, I think. It is VIP and probably 60 inches wide. It is a border fabric with snowmen, red birds and trees on a navy background with white dots. Probably considered a Christmas fabric. Would any one have this and be willing to sell or do you know where I could purchase it? Thanks.:*

dlj5752 02-01-2003 04:18 PM

I think I know what fabric you are referring to. I purchased a purse made of it for a Christmas gift. I have since seen the same fabric at Wal-Mart

mrsmail 02-01-2003 05:48 PM

Thanks....I checked 2 WalMarts in our area, but neither one had the fabric. I would gladly pay for fabric and shipping if someone sees it at their Wal Mart. You can contact me direct at [email protected]. I really need it! Thanks:daisy:

Cherie 02-01-2003 10:31 PM

Have you tried doing a search for it on Ebay? That's the first place I look when I can't find something. :-)

mrsmail 02-02-2003 03:25 AM

Help....I need this fabric!!!!!!!
No luck on ebay thus far; however, I found several others which I have purchased. (I could probably open my own fabric store) Is there anywhere you can post a Wanted Ad on Ebay or somewhere else?:confused:

Cherie 02-02-2003 11:40 AM

That would be nice if Ebay had a place where you could type in things you were looking for. I was thinking that myself the other day.

Good luck finding the material.


Quillows 02-05-2003 02:00 AM

I will check my stash and see if I have any.

Do you make Quillows too? :-)

mrsmail 02-05-2003 02:11 AM

Help........I need this fabric!!
Thanks....I would be so pleased if I could find some of that fabric. I have never made a quillow. I have only seen one once. If you have easy directions, I would like to try making one sometime.^^

figgy1957 02-05-2003 02:58 AM

i but all my sewing and crafting supplies from joanna fabrics(they have a online store to at
you can ask them if they have the fabric that you need ,also they will order it for you. this cost a little more but, if you really need the fabric it's worth it.:cat:

mrsmail 02-05-2003 03:33 AM

JoAnn's can't get a fabric without knowing the number code. I have no idea how to come up with that number. Joann's didn't think they stocked the fabric I am looking for. WalMart did, but they don't have the number. Since it was a Christmas fabric, I am not sure if it can be ordered, even if I find that number! I have a very large stash of fabric, so I am hoping someone else that has a fabric stash maybe able to help me.:)

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