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  • Help!!! I am over run by many flower vases and containers does anyone have any unusual Christmas crafts that can be made from these besides arranging more flowers in them? I would love any ideas which could be used to give as gifts!! Thank you!!!!
  • flower vases are great recyclables
    I have several vases I have deliberately bought at used stores for:

    Pencil & Scissor holders
    Makeup Brush Holders
    Hair Brush Holders
    Dental Tab Holders
    Toothbrush Holders
    Manicure Set Holders
    Larger flower pots I kept hair barrettes and hair bows in.
    Baby flower pots (color block cubes, hobby horses) use in babies room or bath for Q-tips, cotton balls, baby washcloths, diaper pins, etc.

    A friend years ago had a collection of those little flower holders that are for babies birth gifts (color blocks, hobby horse, etc.) she kept collections of markers and ink pens on her desk at work, they looked so cute.

    I have never met a flower vase I didn't like and coudn't see possibilities for. In the kitchen, use for kitchen accessories like spatulas, pizza cutters, cookie cutters (wider flower pots), vegetable slicers, etc.

  • There are a few that were so beautiful that I washed them in the dishwasher and use them to serve iced tea or punch or lemonade.... *s*
  • Arond this time of year, I lke to fill a glass vase with small pine cones and my favorite Christmas potpouri. You acan also have "someone: drill a hole in the lower side of a pretty glass vase and fill with a "100 strand" of white lights and small Christmass bulbs or even with potpourie, the lights don't get very hot at all and will help dispurse the wonderful smell and give off a soft flow of light.
  • bcraig
    Love your signoff about not being a native texan... I'm still trying to get there Have always wanted to vacation there but hubby says "Been there, done that" and won't go Eventually....

  • Ideas for Vases...
    I have some idea that I think would be really cute.. a clear vase with those wrapped peppermints with a pretty fabric ribbon tied around the top, festive, and easy to make. You could even fill one with hershey kisses, or other christmas candy... Fill one with some pretty glass ball ornaments, and set it somewhere, use a wide mouthed one to hold a candle, would look very pretty sitting in there, or burning a candle.
  • SDCL...great idea...but I would really be wary of burning a candle in the glass.....not all glass can withstand the heat a candle can generate....and you get cracked glass where wax can damage or set fire to surfaces...so be careful... *s*
  • Hey
    I was just brainstorming but if you take it and place it upside down (if it will stand up that way)you can add a styaform ball to the top and add wings making it into a glass ANGEL looks cool just use your imagination:p
    Angel glass sounds like great idea. Now a bit off the subject, just saw a cute craft idea I thought you all might like to hear, it was on Home Made Simple site- take a vegetable or coffee can, a glue gun and candy canes. glue canes all the way around the can and put a poinsetta plant in the can- was talking to a co worker about this and we thought you could vary this a bit and use silk flowers instead or as the site suggested, stack cookies inside. It had a big ribbon tied around it, looked like one of those sheer kind.

  • I like to put a few inches of colored gravel (to match the room I'm working with) and add a Betta fish. The are pretty cheap and come in a rainbow of colors. They need very little care. You can find them in most pet stores and Wal-Mart. They turn out to be quite a conversation piece.
    Be sure to ask how to properly care for the fish. They should only live alone and like room temperature water. I only feed mine every other day and they are great!