Make Gel Air Fresheners in your jars

  • Hi everyone--first want to say I feel like I've finally come "home" now that I have found this forum. Wow!! Talk about some GREAT ideas--thanx all!;-) DH has been grumping about me "needing to do something or get rid of the jars I've got floating around", guess what his next grump will be.....
    Anyway, I've found a website recently that has a bunch of neat ideas--it's at and it had this "recipe" on it to make Gel Air Fresheners--NOT candles.

    1 cup concentrated liquid potpourri (dollar store is great)
    2 envelopes Knox unflavored gelatin
    2 Tablespoons salt (inhibits moldy growth)

    Heat potpourri to almost boil. Remove from heat and stir in Knox gelatin until dissolved. Pour into jar. Cover with plastic wrap and put a rubber band around neck. Can put into refrigerator for fast set or leave out on counter overnight. Cut circle of lace and place over top of jar with ribbon around it. Remove plastic wrap and recover with lace to use.

    Note the "recipe" makes 8 ounces of gel--can double for larger jars, but I don't make batches any bigger at a time than that. Also, please be careful to not let it boil--splatters are fun to get off the walls, etc.

    These look really pretty in just a plain jar, can't wait to do some painted ones to put it into. I also use "thrift store" find stem glassware, etc for these. HAVE FUN!
  • What a neat idea, thank you!
  • Wow! What a cool idea. I have a few stemwear pieces that I was going to get rid of after Christmas. I think I will use them for this! Thanks!
  • Thanks--just want to add....
    Thanks for the feedback--I thought they were neat too, I have a few in just plain stemware, but now I'm getting out the paints!! Just want to add a couple of things--one is to mix the salt in at the same time as the Knox. The other is that if you give them as gifts, please let the recepient know that they are not candles--people actually might try to put a wick in and burn them. Also, as with any "chemicals" Keep out of reach of children. Thanks--happy gelling!!!
  • Not a jar craft, but goes with this thread...

    With a wine glass, you might want to attach a couple wine glass markers to the bottom an additional gift. They're those little decorated hoops that help people identify their glass at parties!

  • Hey pengiemom and Dawny what cute ideas. and what great gifts they would make if you did some painting on the jar or put the little wine glass jewels on them.

    when I read the idea I immediatly though it being a quick idea I might be able to get done before I leave this week for Califa and my sister's craft sale. Then I remembered that because she is so allergic to many perfumes type smells I wouldn't be able to have them there but I do think I will try to make some when I get back.

    btw pengiemom glad to have you join our family. It's a great place.

  • I like this idea so much I fiqured it would be a shame to let this thread just die. Has anyone else tried this or anything similar?
  • Great idea of revising this thread, Candy!

    I haven't tried making these but with craft shows coming up and school bazaars, these would make nice, not-too-costly items to sell.

    These would also make nice gifts for teachers for the end of the school year or for Moms and Grandmas for Mother's Day!