Betty Boop

  • Hi Everyone,
    I posted this on another message board but I think it should have been put on this one instead. I need a Betty Boop decal of her on her motorcycle about 2" wide and about 3" tall. Can anyone tell me where I can buy one or how to make one?
    Thanks alot
  • Here's a few places to look: Discount Shopping - ... Star Wars, GI Joe, Spawn, Betty Boop ... A wide selection of ATV, PWC, motorcycle ...

    All Weather Leather - Lots of Links - ... Gifts, Harley-Davidson and Biker Betty Boop ... Over 500 Biker Stickers or Decals ... my little (ANGEL) daughter put her ... the world's finest "Virtual Motorcycle ...
  • Bette Boop /biker
    Hello Lila,

    Go to this site too!!

    Has classic pics of Betty Boop Biker ;-) and other interesting sites to find. Just do search engine of your choice and type in Betty Boop and you will find other sites there too. Happy hunting...Cheryl